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Obulus Shows V. Rage what planning can accomplish.

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SonofMars' Morticians: Obulus Dirge, Cosset Casket, Vet Graves, Silence GIC: Inheritance tax


My Union: Vet Rage, Strongbox, Decimate, Gutter, Benediction (proxied by Avarice), Mist GIC: Pirates Ransom

I lost the roll off and my opponent elected to receive.

Turn 1: Silence with picks up the ball on a bad kick off scatter, moves up, passes to V.Graves and misses, ball ends behind his goal line; V. Rage Quick-times Gutter Moves up; V. Graves moves, grabs ball, misses pass to Casket, ball scatters to mid line; Gutter Charges Silence for damage, grabs ball; Obulus moves up, puppet masters rage up; Strongbox moves up; Dirge moves, fluffs attack on V.Rage; Mist moves up, smoke bombs to protect VRage; Cosset charges and deals a bunch of damage to V.Rage; Decimate moves to block Casket; Casket moves, puts VRage in the box, Attacks Decimate does nothing; Benediction moves up


Turn 2: Gutter KD’s Casket, does damage, scores goal, Knee sliders into Obulus; Casket stands, hits Decimate (She counter attacks out of his engagement), Heavy Burdens Benidiction, and drops Ghostly Visage; Strongbox moves up; V.Graves moves up, Gravediggers Decimate, Passes ball to Silence who dodges; Decimate Thousand Cuts & beats on Cosset;  Obulus moves, KD’s Decimate; Benediction does nothing;  Dirge engages Decimate; Mist engages Cosset; Cosset takes out Decimate; Silence Moves up


Turn 3: V.Rage beats on Scilence, KD’s him, Decimate ends with ball; Casket KD’s Strongbox; Decimate beats on Silence, moves up; Dirge Charges Gutter (Sick ‘em) singled out; Mist hits Cosset and Casket (moves Casket); Cosset beats on Gutter; Benediction sprints to and kills Silence; V.Graves gravedigger takes out Gutter, hits Strongbox;


Turn 4: Mist hits Casket generates momentum; Obulus hits on Strongbox; Decimates second winds herself, shoots goal; Casket Damages and KD’s Strongbox; Cosset glides, engages Strongbox; Gutter sprints up; Dirge engages Turtle; Rage quick-times and charges Cosset; Graves fails takes out attempt on Strongbox


Turn 5: I lose an initiative roll while up 3 momentum; Vet Graves takes out Strongbox for win.


Overall not a bad run for my first time playing Vet. Rage, made a few mistakes, but I had a blast doing it!





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