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Mainsprings scores with a little help from his friends

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Engineers: Pin Vice; Mainspring, Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet, Decimate GIC: We Can Rebuild Them

Farmers: Grange, Peck, Windle, Jackstraw, Tater (Proxied by Lucky), Harrow GIC: Spirit of Cooperation


Turn 1: Decimate gets ball, Kicks to space towards Ratchet; Harrow drops harvest marker, moves up, tools up Tater; Ratchet moves, passes to Pin Vice, Tools up Pin Vice; Tater beats on Decimate; Pin Vice legendries, controller’s Mainspring, moves up, passes to Mainspring (bug dodges); Mainspring passes to Velocity (bug dodges), Velocity spends oil token to pass back, Mainspring uses oil token to pass to Pin Vice (bug dodges), Pin Vice uses oil token to pass back (bug dodges); Mainspring moves up, scores goal; Grange moves up, grabs ball, passes to Tater (Tater dodges); Hoist moves up; Jackstraw moves up, crop dusts Pin Vice; Velocity moves up; Peck moves up(Windle Dodges); Windle moves up


Turn 2: Tater hits decimates, scores goal; Ball kicked out, Pin Vice grabs it Alternators self, sprints, scores goal, Knee sliders; Grange moves up, KD’s Velocity, Honest Labor, damages Velocity; Damages Hoist; Hoist hits on Grange;  Harrow engages velocity, does damage; Ratchet Blast earths Windle; Windle beats on Ratchet; Velocity attacks Harrow, dodges, walks up and hits peck to tackle ball, kicks ball to space; Jackstraw moves, kicks ball off board, scatters to Grange; Decimate engages Grange; Peck moves


Turn 3: Hoist takes ball off Grange but I forgot to keep enough influence to kick it; Tater takes out Decimate, takes ball  and unsnaps it; Mainspring moves; Grange grabs ball, KD’s Hoist with and damage, fails goal kick; Velocity moves up; Harrow tools up Windle; Ratchet moves; Pin Vice sprints to take out harvest markers, gets KD on a parting blow from Jackstraw; Windle Beats on Hoist and Mainspring; Peck moves


Turn 4: Tater hits hoist cores goal; Velocity grabs ball and scores game winning goal




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