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Velocity biffs it big against the Masons

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Enginers: Pin Vice, Mother (Proxied by Quaff), Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet, Salvo GIC: Clockwork Perfection

Masons: Honor, Marbles, Harmony, Mallet, Brick, Flint GIC: The Greater Good


Turn 1: Honor gets ball passes to Marbles; Salvo moves up; Marbles moves, passes to Harmony; Mother drops a nest marker, moves up; Harmony passes to Flint, Flint dodges forward, Harmony passes Flint one influence; Ratchet tools up Pin Vice, moves up; Mallet moves up, Hoist moves up, blasts earth in front of Flint; Brick moves up; Velocity does nothing; Flint charges Mother and dodges; Pin Vice moves up


Turn 2:Flint charges Mother, scores screamer; Pin Vice legendries passes back and forth with Hoist and Velocity, dodges into brick, scores creamer, controllers Velocity; Velocity grabs ball, misses pass to Pin Vice; Honor Moves up, chain activates Harmony; Harmony hits Pin Vice; Mother moves, drops nest marker; Mallet beats on Pin Vice; Ratchet overclocks Hoist moves up; Marbles takes out Pin Vice (forgot she had reanimate), Hoist Burrows, Charges Flint; Salvo flurries Brick, Marbles, Honor, and Mallet


Turn 3: Marbles moves up, fails a goad on Hoist; Velocity moves, dodges out of Brick and Marbles, tackles the ball off Honor and scores; Mallet moves, hits velocity, passes to Flint; Hoist takes ball from Flint; Honor grabs ball, passes to Flint (Flint Dodges) beats on Hoist, chain activates Harmony; Harmony hits velocity; Mother engages Brick; Flint hits Ratchet scores screamer; Salvo grabs ball, drops it off to Pin vice; Pin Vice gets KD by Brick on attempt to score goal


Turn 4 Honor takes out Hoist

Accidentally only got two shots of this game.



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