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Looks like Hammer doesn't like the Union, vol. II

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Masons: Hammer, vHarmony, Brick, Tower, Mallet, Marbles

Union: sBrisket, Mist, Gutter, Harry, Benediction, Coin

The game was quite intense. I was the receiving one, but I missed a few passes, so the ball was lying on the ground. It was close to my ranks, but Mist is quite a fast fellow, so he managed to get the ball and pass it to Harry, who passed it to Brisket. After that, Brisket scored and I did nothing. The Union team won initiative roll and began turn 2. Brisket got the ball and scored again.

After that I kicked the ball to Hammer and went after Harry. Hammer killed Harry with ease and kept killing the ball. I had to pass the ball further and further away up to the point when I found an opening in my opponent's play. He placed the ball on Mist within Hammer's reach, so Hammer paid him a deadly visit followed by a goal. That was enough to turn the tide of the match and win 12:9.


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