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Brisket Union team fights for Fish!

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This was a casual game, we played with new deploy, and GiC.  I like to play with a model after it's been painted, so I built a list around Snakeskin, Hemlocke, Coin, Decimate.

Union - Brisket, Coin, Hemlocke, Snakeskin, Decimate Mist   GiC - Gain +2 MP when you lose initiative (holy crap thats amazing!)

Engineers - Pin Vice, Mother, Compound, Velocity, Ratchet, Avarisse and Greede    GiC - the 1 less momentum for snap shot card

This was a super long game, where i mostly just moved the ball up the wing and tried to avoid Pin Vice's threat range.  I think it was actually one turn longer than I said, with a lot of nothing happening turn 1 and turn 2

Turn 1 - Union received, Velocity kicked.  A&G and Pin Vice up front, with Decimate and Coin up front as well.  Decimate was the only one in A&G's threat range, so she went first, sprinted 9 to get the ball, and passed to Snakeskin, who dodged 4" away to the side, safely out of everyones threat range.  Decimate second winded herself, thinking back, she should have done this on Snakeskin.  Mist, hemlocke, coin, all sort of did nothing, except staying out of everyones threat range.  Brisket did Im open to get the ball from Snakeskin, then passed back to snakeskin, who had nimble and cloned herself and jogged up.


Turn 2 - A&G went first and killed Decimate.  The Mist, Coin, Brisket, Snakeskin group just moved forward on the wing, with Snakeskin keeping the ball.  Brisket did the im open and pass back to Snakeskin thing again.  This group stayed together while Hemlocke tried to blind pin vice, but missed (with bonus time).  Hemlocke got weakened by Pin Vice.  Decimate had jogged back in, but got taken out again by Ratchet.  


Turn 3 - A&G finished off Hemlocke, and Mist tied up Compound, so that Snakeskin could finally go for that first goal, which she made.  The ball threw back in and no one retrieved it.  Besides that was just hitting for momentum with Brisket.  Decimate had jogged back in, and second winded herself.  Sprinted, got the ball, kicked it upfield, then chased after it.  Here my opponent misplayed, instead of picking up the ball with Compound, Compound attacked Decimate, setting up another decimate kill for Ratchet.  But then Mist activated, got the ball, got 2 attacks on Compound for the momentum, and scored a tap in. 

Turn 4 - The ball had been thrown in, and Pin Vice couldn't both get it AND score, so Mother got the ball, and dropped it near Pin Vice so she could get it on her activation.  Brisket legendary played to Coin's base, then sprinted through rough ground to snap the ball, and pass it to nowhere upfield, where I got a pretty lucky scatter and landed right on snakeskin (who had no influence).  Snakeskin jogged behind the goal to make it harder to take it from her.  Brisket got a lucky counter on pin vice to dodge out.  I won the initiative roll and opted to go second, forcing my opponent to deal with Snakeskin. 

Turn 5 - No one could reach Snakeskin, so Pin Vice had to go first, and do controller and alternator on Compound, letting him activate immediately and now able to reach Snakeskin.  Snakeskin is a 5-0 in cover by the goal, luckily Compound was only able to get 1 hit on all 3 attacks on Snakeskin. So then Snakeskin just dodged out and took a bonus time tap in for the win (that GiC extra momentum is awesome!)

Super weird game, definitely won't be playing that lineup again. But I love Snakeskin with Season Brisket.  Having the ball on Snakeskin, cloned and nimble is really great.  Also, I have started deploying a mascot on the front line with the new deploy, this seems really good as it makes it easier to back up and play defensively. 

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