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Least errata impacted players

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To all you stats freaks out there. 

Was interested (but too lazy to figure out). Which player/s have been least touched by errata etc. By this I mean changes to the player or their team mates that effect them, to mind Boiler and Tenderiser come to mind as low impact.

Come to think of it which teams have had the least and most changes made to players since S1. Would be interesting to see.

On your marks 3..2..1..go 

(p.s. first best answer gets major kudos points)

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Mechanically basically unchanged players since Season 1:

Princess (though Brisket changes affect her, and Mascot HP/takeout changes)




Scum (except Mascot HP/takeout changes)

Spigot (except Ball's Gone! change)



That's pretty much it of the season 1 players as far as I can tell. Interestingly there are zero models from Union, Engineers and Alchemists that still match their season 1 release incarnations.

Everyone's had their Icy Sponge values changed, of course, but if you count that there is no unchanged player at all.

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On 08/11/2017 at 10:56 PM, masterkdog said:

Princess was hit by the change to loved creature...or did I dream that one

I think Loved Creature did get an errata to make it friendly guild as it affected quite a few mascots.

Boiler also got a minor errata to make Assist friendly only.

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Important is the question, what impacted mean?

If we speak for direct impacted for my Brewer's it is (as mentioned) Scum, Hooper, Spigot (despite Ball's gone) and of course also Stave.

When you also look at a 2nd degree Change, Tappers Tactical Advice [Scum] has changed.

At there is also a 3rd degree. Stave for example got a worse def, because every other 2/0 model got better. So impact by meta change.

1st and 2nd degree are very obvious and there's little to discuss (despite how critical they are). 3rd degree is highly dependable on your own meta and your own point of view.

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