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a low hanging ham can be high too

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Week 5 of our Kick About escalation league
Game 2

This time I went against our previously mentioned Fish player - who went for the extreme in the league and picked up a Butcher starter six.
I was lucky enough to pick up 9 agenda point worth of cards, so the game was on!

Scalpel kicked off, but the Butcher lineup was excellent, so no funny first turn play. I lured instead the Defstanced Boiler in, than hit him with both Scalpel and the puppet. I even had a momentum to run to the side With Scalpel, where oBrisket was close to the sideline. On the first turn I had the 6+ momentum and the plus 4 momentum agendas. (4 agenda points)
I started the turn with a Scalpel legendary, which pulled Brisket in to b2b, Boiler right next to Dirge and out of Cosset melee. With a low dice I missed the 3rd column 4 times (7 dice on 4/0), so pushing Brisket OFF the pitch become impossible. Ox came in and deleted Cosset and the Puppet too. On my left vetGraves and Bonesaw faced with Shank and Boar. Made a KD on Shank, so 1 more agenda point for condition.
A few rounds and Morti players death later I was able to push the KD Boar off the table from 7+ inches. VetGraves rolled that 2s like a boss. (2 agenda points)
And I finally get the ball! I positioned Scalpel to snapshot position - as she was the only target who could stand a chance against the Master Butcher to stay there. Bonesaw had to pull of a football dervish action for getting into range and naturally missed the first attempt. With a four inch dodge and a run he would be in range to pass to Scalpel... but just not.
At this point my opponent decided to give up to try the wrap agenda and finished off Brainpan for the win.

A lovely game of agendas for Hemlock.
Keep up the good work fellow Morts, I need that miniature to happen! :D


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