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Butchers kicking team

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Hey guys, 

I've been thinking about how to improve my game and I want to make a kicking butchers team and see if it works. 

My idea of a kicking team would be:

Fillet, truffles, vbrisket/obrisket, shank, vox, and meathook or a union player

So fillet is a melee assassin and everyone knows that but shes also a striker. I want her to have 2 roles 1. Be a giant distraction 2. A secondary goal kicker. Number 1 will be difficult to pull off, put too much influence and the team gets starved don't put enough and the opponent could safely ignore her.

Truffles, vox, and meathook are there to scrum/brawl/tie ppl up.vbrisket and obrisket depending on if I'm kicking or receiving, she's going to be the main goal kicker she's got the tools to do it and I believe this team will be able to deliver her. Shank is probably a shocker but while he isn't a good kicker he isn't a good fighter but he can tackle the ball and can pass it to whoever needs it.

I'm not sure on meathook but I don't know what union player would pkay well into this team. I'm considering, Harry for brawl control, gutter for the same , and minx for a role similar to shank. 


Well I'd like to hear some feedback from yall.

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Fillet, princess, boiler, shank, Obrisket, and Minx have worked well for me. Scored 3 goals end of turn 2 because everyone is worried about fillet murderface that they forget tackle on 1. Boiler has some push dodge action and can make a run from about 16 inches away. Minx has absurd movement buffs to get close, and Obrisket can smash one in from 10 inches and 5 dice (BT). It is a pretty fun and fast team that can resort to 2-2 or even 1-4 for a W. 

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I had a game last night against a fellow butcher player. I ran Fillet, truffles, vox, meathook, shank and vbrisket He ran ox, princess, boiler, obrisket, boar, and tenderiser.

I'll have the game posted up in the UIC forums later today, but the issue I found was that if someone plays the keep the ball away like we do and just either punt it off to the edge somewhere or have a player run across the board, we just don't have the abilities to get them back.

My opponent was also pretty smart for being new to the game. He would basically turn the situation into a "yea you could steal the ball from me but who ever comes to get it is gonna meet boar and ox by themselves", he would also unsnap the ball behind his models making it difficult to retrieve them which was a pretty smart play against a team that doesn't have ball shenanigans.

I eventually won the game by slow take outs, but so far a poor showing in my kicking team, of course I can't really make a solid conclusion from one game so I'll try this team again later.

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