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Engineers crush the Union over the Internet

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A game on Vassal.

Engineers: Pin Vice, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Mother

Union: Blackheart, A&G, Rage, Gutter, Mist, Coin


The game started badly for me. Mist kicked the ball to my far left and I was unable to regain it in one activation. I commited Mother to it and was going to pick the ball with Hoist. I forgot how fast Mist is. He picked the ball and passed it back to Blackheart. Nothing interesting happened in turn 1 apart from Rage generating some momentum on Velocity.

In turn 2 I managed to score a goal with Velocity, but I lost the mannequin to enemy attacks. Pin Vice managed to kill Rage.

In turn 3 Cogs lost Pin Vice and Ratchet. And Mother as well. Hoist tried to score, but missed it.

In the last turn Pin Vice killed Gutter and that freed Velocity from the immediate danger and let her score again for 12:7.


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