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Week 5 of our Kick About escalation league
Game 1

This time I went against the guy who currently leading the race - but only with 3 points before me.
Unfortunately he is the third best player in our meta, switched to Corsair for the league, and his previous team was Morticians, whom I picked up for the league. So I will not surprise him. Plus this is only my second game against Corsair as our top fish player is a Shark only boy.

Played it on Monday, so the details are a bit blurry, and this is the week where agenda points starting to be boring. There are plenty cards in our hand and more or less we learned how to approach them. Also we play more for the cards, than an actual game of guilball.

Anyway, I kicked with Scalpel and quickly retrieved the ball. Went into Sakana, who where positioned for this purpose I guess, but feeding Corsair and Co. looked fine as I had no intention to win. At the end of the turn his team was around a Barrier in the middle including Averisse too. The match highlight was, when I applied Snared on him and in two turns Scalpel pushed him off the pitch - on my backline.

I was able to get all my 7 agenda points, and I went for a finish, as my opponent had 2 - needless to say a much welcomed result, but Silence pass to Scalpel missed her badly, so it ended up in Corsair, who made a snapshot screamer under legendary with the Hag. 4 points gain on his side. Both agenda and victory point wise. Then he started the next round and picked up the ball, made a kick into open, get the scatter, which was his last agenda.

I had only a few minutes left on my clock, so I called it a game. It ended 7-7 agenda points on each side. He still got the lead! :(


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