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New weapons for Morticians - Blacksmith's fighting for Obulus

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Obolus negotiated for a new load of weapons with the Blacksmiths.

The Guild sent 6 from all over the empire to fullfil the order. But the Engineers guild wasn't pleased about this and disputed the contract. Obulus send the Blacksmiths to solved it with a game of Guild Ball.


Ferrite was very eager to test their newest weapon advancements on the pitch (=Captain). I used all the players from my new box vs. Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Hoist, oVelocity and Colossus. 



The Blacksmiths opened the match with a kick from Cinder, far on the left side. The bug had to grab it, but doesn't get a good shot back to their lines. So it scattered on the goalline. After some activations, Hoist grabed the ball and passed it to Ballista, who dodged forward. That was the moment where Cinder could shine. She walked closer to Ballista, aimed well with her crossbow, hit that ball and pulled it to herself. All hail the new weapons! 

Iron got the ball after some passes but was to slow to make a goal of it directly (had been activated before). 


The Engineered had a lead in momentum and startet into the new round. Colossus tried everything he can, but only managed to tackle the ball from Iron with a huge effort (4 INF) and can't get the ball passed back to the other Enigneers.

So it was now on the side of the Blacksmith's to get the ball from Colossus, that also wasn't easy. But they managed it by Anvil and Sledge to get the ball on Iron, who charged Ratchet on the other side, knocked him down and shot the first goal.

But the Engineers doesn't grab the ball instantly so Cinder could kill the ball and a new one had been kicked in from the goal line of the Blacksmith's.

Ferrite got the ball and managed to disarm Ballista and Hoist and shot the second goal to 8-0. Handicaped by Ferrite, both didn't managed to harm her badly.

During round 3 Hoist got disarmed and had the ball and didn't managed to score a goal (no Momentum). So Furnace tackled it from him and passed it to Cinder, who shot the goal to 12-0.


Obulus was very pleased about the result and the demonstration of the new weapons. The engineers were left upset by the new advancements.

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