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Union in Chains: Brewers vs Union, Tapper decimates sBrisket

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Union in Chains!  Tapper takes the win over sBrisket, casts his vote to #BringDecimateHome

This was just a local friendly match, opponent conceded at the end of turn 2 because the game was so one sided.  10-4 brewers

Turn 1 - Spigot kicked off to Mist, ending his jog within 8" of the edge of the pitch, because I was determined to finally use the Wingback plot card.  The kick off failed, and scattered 6,6 right to Mist.  Mist moved to cover and then passed to sBrisket, he made the mistake of leaving Mist in threat range of the brewers though.  Friday dirty knives Benediction, since I didn't wanna waste her influence and he was the only one in reach.  Benediction then sturdy and braced himself, and jogged back into cover.  Then PintPot charged Gutter, again not wanting to waste his influence and she was the only one barely in reach.  He did 3 damage and dodged to smash face on gutter and benediction.  Brisket and Decimate played with the ball, getting momentum and bringing it up the other side a little.  Tapper jogged to Mist and commanding aura, KD him, then did some damage, heroic influence to Hooper.  Gutter went and attacked PintPot, getting some momentum.  Spigot played Wingback and charged Mist, then next attack killed Mist, then tooled up Hooper.  Hooper charged Gutter, and attacked, leaving her low hp.  I was up 2 momentum.

Turn 2 - I went first, with PintPot, because I could sprint to engage on Gutter, Benediction, and sBrisket. Smashed face on all 3 of them!   Opponent called OP on that haha since you don't have to roll for it .....   Gutter got some hp back from attacking PintPot, Benedicion went sturdy and braced again.  Spigot tooled up Tapper who had 6 influence. then sprinted and turned his Times Called heroic on, giving everyone +2 MOV.  Tapper went in and charged Benediction, and attacked him with commanding aura, ignoring Sturdy and just doing damage.  Brisket finally went for her goal and made a screamer, I played super fan and gave the ball directly to friday.  Hooper killed Gutter and Benediction, (3hp and 2hp left each) then jogged over to Brisket and KD her.  Friday dodged, sprint 10" heroic and kick 10" and scored.  My opponent threw it back in to Mist but the scatter was bad, so no chance at another goal for him this turn.   At this point he conceded the match as I would easily get another kill before he got 2 more goals.




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