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Update 144 - Happy Halloween - Developer Blog, Classic Dungeon Crawl

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Hi devs,

I'm glad you fixed manufacturing process. I hope soon we'll get a delivery date. I expect the wave will be amazing, and will add a lot of replayability to the game.

Thanks also for this new rules, but I'm a bit disappointed by this comment:

"To avoid confusion, we chose not to weigh down the core rulebook for Dark Souls™: The Board Game with pages upon pages of potential options and house rules, but we certainly want to encourage you to play in the way that will allow your gaming group to gain the most enjoyment from the game!"

Couldn't you update the website with a pdf containing some of the best house rules ? I would make the thing a bit official, and a great addition.

See you,


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I kind of agree. Being busy with updates, the delays of Wave 1, prepping Wave 2, etc...that is all understandable. However, it would be nice, once Wave 2 is underway, to see some sort of errata issued with a PDF or something with some of those rules that fix the primary complaints people have...instead of stubbornly insisting it's 'perfect as-is'.

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