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8 minutes ago, CaerSidis said:

Sorry thats not user friendly to have a Attachement Limit during a Union in Chains :wacko:

It’s always been there as an unfortunate necessity, there are hundreds of forum users posting multiple pictures (not counting Union in chains, the display cabinet is pretty huge) - having them all uploaded directly to the forum can rapidly become an overwhelming amount of data for the system to have sitting there.

I’ve also seen people link images from Facebook and Twitter, so it’s not just imgur - if you’re already posting them on social media you can probably link them over quite easily.

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Thanx for your help, i did it with Imgur.

You are right in all of that.

But maybe they could "open" the Upload for the Union in Chains Time...

But okey, i managed it and more Games will come to win the Hat (hopefully).

We played so much Games the last few Weeks...

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