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Masons get hammered by the Brewers

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The Masons were manhandled in the escalation league game 9-0.

Honor and Brick and the Monkey met Hooper and Tapper head-on in the center of the pitch and it turned out to be a big mistake.

The brawlers made short work out of the trio. With their knockdowns and shady tactics while avoiding those counter charges the Masons were counting on to level the playing field.  While this was happening Harmony was running for the goal to prevent the undesired 'goose egg' of zero points scored.

Then when Honor and Brick came back onto the pitch, Mash sent Brick flying off it again this sealing their 9-0 victory. 

The Mason's went down hard but were pulling for the Butcher's.

I have pictures from the scrum but can only upload 30kb for some reason.






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