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Akodo Harid

A rematch ends quickly, Theron never knew what hit him

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Theron, vHearne, Chaska, Jaecar, Snow, and Ulfr face off against Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Siren, Hag, and the Kraken.



Here we see that Greyscales noticed a quarter and was looking away just as the camera snapped. Also, posing next to the pirate memorial goal that they drag in.

The game starts off strong as CHaska punts the ball for it to be picked up by the Hag who kicks it back to Siren. THeron attempts to pin the sea witch but learns that she's just too hot to trot so he settles for bullying Tentacles who latter succumbs to his injuries. But late turn, Sakana scores the first goal and positions himself to help Greyscales harass and threaten Jaecar.


Ulfr showed up to threaten the old man, but just nicks his cheek before he dances away and Chaska stepped out of the woods to blow chunks into Shark for nearly half his life.


The fish win initiative and Shark dances his way to steal the ball back and dodges his way to scoring a goal only to run the length into tap in range. BUt through chicanery and trickery, even with a pinning from Theron, Siren gets some help from the hag to not care about the pin to prepare a pass to her buddy Sakana.

Even with tripping on his own pants though, Vhearne comes out strong and charges in to knock Siren down, but the ball is whisked up field to the waiting feet of Sakana, since snow was thrown into the woods previously and couldn't chase after that yummy ball that was a half foot (inch) too far.

So Sakana does what any pure blooded striker does and picks up the ball, smacks the dog, and then kicks it to Shark to win the game with an amazing snapshot.


The game ends 12 to 1 in the Fish's favor and a dark haired beauty could be seen salivating over her anti-rage murderfics while wearing a shirt that says "Beatthemeat"


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