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Akodo Harid

The Morts Bury the Fish and Corsair finds a friend!

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Obulus leads his team to a 12 to 2 win against the Fishermen as Corsair and his crew simply can't make headway up the field.

Things start off well as a shallow wingside kick off by Obulus allows Siren to kick it back to the Hag and pull Obulus out of position. But the wily bastard then dances back and forces Siren to move into the waiting fangs of a tooled up Cosset who softens her up for a top of turn two Casket time.


Meanwhile, Corsair beats on Obulus forcing him to flee as he escapes the Pirate's wrath with a sliver of life after stealing momentum and healing himself.


The game proceeds to be a drag out slog, with Hag falling to Cosset, and Graves felling Sakana. This leads to a desperate kick of a ball by Corsair sends it flying into space, but close enough for Brainpan to pick it up. The ringside announcers called time (Store was closing) so the points were awarded to the Morts in this escalation defeat.

But this is another vote for Gutterfish.



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