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Engineers: Tough and Tender

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One of the most prominent qualities of Engineers is their tankiness.  Several have Tough Hide and/or another damage or condition mitigation trait, but many have that balanced by a low def. making them not nearly as tough against a concentrated effort.

Tough Hide:  Ballista, Hoist, and Colossus all share this trait.  This one makes each of these players a bit more reliable if they get in the scrum.  Of course it also works against enemy character plays.  Note that it reads "enemy".  Meaning, unless there is an errata somewhere, it does not reduce damage from friendly character plays.  So Pin Vice's Ctrl, Alt, Del will still cause 2 DMG each.  It also doesn't affect condition damage so bleed, poison, and burning still do the full amount.

Stoic:  Colossus and Locus both have this trait.  It keeps them from being pushed on their first attack which allows some control over charge results.  If they are in cover for the first attack, they should still be in cover for the second.  It also allows them to stay in or out of melee with someone.  This makes Seenah's roar nearly useless unless someone else attacks first to burn Stoic.  The trait can help both these models to hold the middle of the field.  Or at least the front line if you prefer the side.  This trait combined with Tough Hide in Colossus means the opponent will have to contribute significant resources to take him out.

Sturdy: Hoist's trait is kind of the ultimate "get out of jail free" card.  Coupled with Tough Hide it makes parting blows almost meaningless unless Hoist has the ball.  One fun use is to borrow a character play (Singled Out) and run in to apply it to an opposing player and jog out with Second Wind from Ballista or Decimate. 

Gluttonous Mass:  Compound is currently the only Engineer with this trait.  GM means that the first successful attack or character play that targets the model will be ignored completely.  Mind that the attack must target Compound, so indirect attacks work against him. I like to park the ball on Compound for a turn to protect it. But once GM is procced it is easy to tackle the ball.  The best way to avoid that is to counter attack the first attack to try to push the attacker back out of reach.

Most of the Characters with these traits have a weakness in that they have low defense and are quite easy to successfully hit.  The bad part for the opponent is that his successful attacks usually have to be better than one or two hits to do anything.  

Ballista, Ratchet and Compound are 3+/1, Colossus is 2+/2, Locus is 3+/2.  Usually these low def stats are mitigated a little by extra armor like Locus and Colossus or damage mitigation like Ballista.  All have pretty high HP totals meaning they can last a while even against high damage models. Ratchet is the real exception to this rule. His only mitigation is 17 life.  He is The. Easiest. Target. in the Engineers.  Possibly the toughest Engineer is Hoist.  4+/1, Tough Hide and Sturdy. This guy is HARD to put down. His ability to borrow Character plays like Nimble to make him harder to hit or Burrow to help him get away from a scrum make him the master of survivability.

This leads us to the other side of toughness.  High def with less mitigation.  Velocity and Pin Vice are both 5+/0.  They are difficult to hit without a charge or high TAC.  Velocity also has Nimble for the +1 Def.  This means you can park her within kick range of the opponent's goal and not worry too much.  Occasionally the opponent will concentrate on taking her out, leaving you free to score without her.

A less obvious toughness trait is Unpredictable Movement.  With Fly Keeper turned on, Veteran Velocity gains this trait. This trait allows a 2" dodge when opponents ends an advance within the melee of the model with the trait.  The drawback is that Vet Velocity only has a 1" melee.  With 2" melee UM becomes a threat to melee damage.  With 1" it becomes a useful tool against 1" melee models.  Something a 2" melee model should be aware of before closing.  

The last part of Engineer's toughness is Reanimate.  Reanimate allows a model to remove conditions and return to 3 HP instead of being taken out once per turn.  I have seen Hoist live through a concerted effort by Fillet and Shank through 5 turns because of this trait.  Mind you, the trait only works once per turn so if you die to Bleed, poison, or burning it activates during Maintenance, thereby burning it for the turn.  Velocity, Locus and Pin Vice also have this trait.

One more thing: Fixer.  This is a character trait of Ratchet that allows him to remove conditions from one mechanica per turn FOR FREE.  It makes you want to keep him near but not in the scrum which is dangerous.  This trait has been the key to victory in many matches.


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6 hours ago, Silversmith said:

Stoic:  Colossus and Locus both have this trait. 

An additional piece of tech on this ability (or gluttonous mass) is that drag (corsair, kraken and to a lesser extent, gutter) is a push and so is ignored by stoic if it's the first thing in the turn.  Corsair is very unhappy spending 4 inf just to get the model he wants reeled in.

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5 hours ago, blueboyzcaptain said:

I also see you failed to mention our other goalkeeper, vVelocity B)

Not forgotten.  She really isn't tough and has no reanimate.  Didnt mention Salvo, either, for the Sam reason.  She'll be in the next one.  I guess I could have included her for UM.

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