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Rage raged and raging fires dwindled to nothing

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Last night, I deployed my brand new Blacksmiths against John who was playing Veteran Rage, Strongbox, Fangtooth, Avarisse and Greede, Minx and Mist.

game started positively as the Blacksmiths janked there way up the field, Avarisse got a 7 damage smack in the teeth from Sledge but then Rage decided enough was enough and all hell broke loose. Ferrite clinched a quick goal just after Sledge fell to his furiousness and then soon after, Avarisse and Greede sent Ferrite to the apothecaries along with iron. Mist countered with another goal and things were looking bleak!

Iron returned and was looking like he might be able to get back up for another goal but Rage spotted a weakened Cinder and that was all she wrote!

Sad times :( but good that Gutter is coming home to the Butchers!

image.thumb.jpeg.46a9fda36bd7a7be4ab4faaeb90a291e.jpegThe wall started out well!!

image.thumb.jpeg.078d254ceaff40313711d67e01de13cb.jpegAvarisse and Greede say... 'Get in the bin!'

22894497_10155885789207718_1465504357076Mist says... 'I got this'

Blacksmiths cry in their cornflakes...



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