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Hello The Union

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Hey Unionists 

Being playing GB since April with Hunters, but just picked up Dark Harvest and used it as an excuse to start playing Union. I already have Minx for my Hunters and picked up Grace and Benny, as I really like the sculpts and that rounds out a six man team:

Blackheart, Coin, Snakeskin, Minx, Grace and Benediction

For all I know it's a terrible lineup, but hey - it's the six minis I have! 

Playing my first game on Halloween against Butchers. Any tips for a Union Noob? How to use the players/team? Tips for them against Butchers, useful video match reports / podcasts etc? 

Cheers! :) 

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That's really really not the line up I'd take into butchers but god's speed!

You've pretty much got to play for somewhere between 2-2 and 3-0 to have a fighting chance.  Snakeskin can heavily mitigate Boar by standing next to him.  Hitting him for clone will negate his furious and berserk, but in a pinch buying nimble is almost as good and less likely to get you clobbered on a counter attack.  Fillet will mince anyone on that team but Blackheart or Benediction.  Position the rest of your players very carefully to make this difficult.  Grace's free quick foot will do a lot help you out threat her to get a favorable engagement since FIllet needs to spend her own influence to get that distance.  Blackheart's playbook is fairly top heavy.  He'll be much more effective as a super solo if Minx snares first.  Timing Strike from the Shadows well can be tricky.  There are a few occasions where it's worthwhile to spend it just to give BH a 2" dodge, but more often it's better to use it to boost your entire team's defense with an early activation.  It will take the wind right out of the butchers' sails.

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Thanks for the tips @MechMage - I managed to remember some of it! 

My opponent ended up bailing, so I played another friend who borrowed my hunters 



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