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Seenah is bear of the match vs Farmers

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A Skartha led Hunters team went up against the new boys and girls on the block - the Farmers Guild

The Farmers took the lead with more ball shenanigans by Bushel, but the Hunters pulled it back as Skartha bounced off Tater and sprinted over a convenient patch of Ice to grab an equaliser.  A thwarted attempt on goal by Bushel again eventually turned into a goal from Grange, but Harrow was taken down by Seenah whilst Jaecar dispatched Tater.  The goal kick after Grange's goal saw Zarola sprint up the pitch, grab it then pass to a confused Seenah who dodged away from Peck.   With no one close enough to stop him as the crowds were not onboard with the Farmers it fell to Seenah to shoot and score the final goal clinching the win for the Hunters.


Another push by the Hunters to try to secure Hemlocke joining them.


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