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Esters brews up a spicy cocktail, Brisket gets hung over

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I played a match against my good friend Drew who recently joined the ranks of Guild Ball players. He's a canny opponent and an experienced gamer whilst I am a flailing idiot so we  were well matched...

In this match, Esters went on a recruitment drive that Brisket objected to in strong terms...

I played Esters, Friday, Stoker, Scum, Spigot, Hemlocke.

Drew's lineup was Brisket, Coin, Mist, Avarisse and Greede, Grace, Benediction.

Esters received, a benefit I completely negated by deploying badly and watching the ball get hoofed by Brisket from one side of the pitch to the other and out of reach due to the bad placement of Friday and Scum. Ah well. Turn one proceeded with Esters setting Brisket on fire for her efforts,laying out rough ground and then hanging back. Despite Stoker putting a fire aoe onto the ball, Mist did Mist things and set Brisket up for an early goal. She duly scored and in return was soundly beaten to a pulp by Scum for initiative momentum.

Score 4-0

Turn two opened with Esters casually taking out well scummed Brisket, with Friday and Scum hanging out for gang ups. Unfortunately this was the first time I'd seen new Avarisse and Greede in action...so in answer Def buffed and fully loaded Friday got deleted by the very players she was set up to mess with. Not good. Scum and Stoker did a number on Mist in return and although Stoker whiffed the final attack and left him on one hit, Mist died to a poison aoe from Hemlocke thanks to bonus time.

Score 6-4

Into turn three and Esters opened once more, electing to Def boost herself, Hemlocke and damage boost Spigot. Avarisse tried for a quick takeout on Hemlocke but Def 6 and a crowd out saw her survive on three hits. She promptly stood, whacked him for a double push dodge to cover and shoved him up into Esters and Spigot threat. 

I made a critical mistake here, deciding I could activate Friday next ,get a gang up on Avarisse and pull Scum into position. So after a dead Coin activation I did just that. However, choosing this over my other plan of passing off Spigot to Friday and hiding the ball this turn meant that Brisket, from where she had jogged on, could do some run, legendary, tackle dodge bananas and shoot on goal from a gap between four of my players that was exactly big enough for her base with a 1mm gap between her and any melee zone. It was a thing of beauty right up until the final shot dice roll, which missed. Not a single 3 or better. Ouch. Seizing this unexpected bonus, Spigot quickly knocked her down, slapped a few points into her for a takeout, knocked Avarisse down and called it a day. Scum scummed Avarisse to two hits and won initiative. 

Score 6-6

Esters opened once again and flattened Avarisse, grabbed the ball and passed to Spigot who dodged. Mist related Jank saw him try to take the ball from Spigot, but although he landed the tackle he'd got too close, necessary for a chance on goal but it meant Spigot countered and landed balls gone and rocketed it out to Friday who dodged forward. There was some post watershed language from Drew at this point. With Mist done and nobody near her , Friday was clear to do her thing and a goal sealed the game 12-6

Drew played an amazing game considering this was only his fourth full game. We both felt the second Brisket goal was a lock and we should have been at 10-6 at that point. However, on reflection I think the rest of the game played out the same regardless as Brisket gets taken out exactly the same whether the ball went in or not...the only difference would have been I had more choice over  where the free ball was. So victory to Esters and her fire 🔥 and poison 💀 cocktail party! Bring Decimate home!


Brisket reconsidering her life choices...


Benny doing his thing. Rare image of him not on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥


Spigot baiting Avarisse into the trap. 


"This round, I am mostly punching things to death..."


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Sounds like a great game!  One thing to note, I'm pretty sure Esters' Empowered Voice is on friendly Guild Models only, so you can't actually give Hemlocke any of those benefits

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