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Building your own scenery

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I know many of you will start to think about a real 3D scenery.
This topic is for you : share photos of your work, step by step : how to recreate the RPD entrance or building, the chaotic streets, sewers factory or lab.
If you have ideas , need advices, need to share links about material it's here !

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So I start it myself.

About the factory and lab, I have thousand pieces of Dwarven Forge Sci Fi sets. Miniatures are 32mm so I'll have to cut the bases and put instead a transparent base for each miniature very thin otherwise I'll have some scale problems. I found thousand at very low prices on ebay.

The sewers are the dwarvenite from Dwarven Forge + this prototype just below :

About the RPD, I have an idea I'll show you later.
The streets are right now my first problem and it's where the action will take place first with RE2 so I have to hurry because the countdown has begun.

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@HQF - This is a great idea for a thread, hope it keeps going!

Like you and I previously discussed I'm very interested in making an RPD facade, but I won't even start on it until I get the game in my hands, and can accurately measure the game board tiles and figures, etc.

Looking forward to keeping up with this thread over time!

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About the squares, I asked several times Sherwin and others but no answer.
I guess the squares are about 4 or 5 cm for the side since you can see in the demos one zombie can enter the square of Leon (the first one).
I have 2,5 cm transparent bases I will use for all the miniatures (excepted the giant boss without it : no need)

I already used those bases for 32 mm miniatures and it goes well to reduce a little bit the height.
The problem with Resident Evil is that 32 mm is incompatible wih most of the 3D scenery based on 25 & 28 mm as Dwarven Forge Hist Arts, Mini Worlds, Dungeonext etc so I'll have to fix it immediately once the package is received.

Just below an example :  a 28 mm miniature in metal with his natural base to the right that suits perfectly and a reaper one (32 mm) that is too high.


The base itself of the reaper miniature isn't enough thin. By putting a transparent base of 2mm, I gain between 0,4 & 0,5 mm in height witch is enough to adapt it in my 3D scenery. A hard and long work  at the opening ...

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From a french friend who is doing traps, sewers tiles and rotative room compatible with Dwarven Forge / Mini Worlds / Dungeonext 3D modular boards.

He's name is KWARP.
Contact is at the bottom of the page.


I asked the unpainted sewer set from him.
And another friend did the same paint to match the dwarven forge sewers.

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