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Flohsors Redfield

Greetings from Berlin!

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Hello everyone!

I found my way here thanks to the advertisement on the Resident Evil 2 kickstarter and hope to find some nice gaming ideas and people to chat with :)


I started playing games when my dad bought me a Sega Mega Drive for my 6th birthday and went to collect a few more consoles and games during my whole life... (which includes Resident Evil and Dark Souls)

Thanks to my auntie I got the chance to play games that were not classic (evil) Monopoly, checkers and the likes. She introduced me to games like Settlers of Catan, The Lord of the Rings and Betrayal in House on the Hill ...

At one point my mom also got me a copy of the early Warhammer games with Bretons and Lizardmen and we actually sat down together and started painting them (my introduction to the world of miniature gaming I suppose...)

That all happened a few years ago and there was a break in between when I moved to University and my first paid jobs ... I only recently (like 3 years ago?) started digging through my old stuff, asking people at work if they were willing to try playing some board games together ... we got a group of a whopping 7 people and set up the super old (and not so good) Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Board Game with one guy playing the poor Dungeon Master. I am saying poor because he didn't enjoy us slaughtering all his monsters easily. From there we started looking into different games and a few more people joined the group. Now mainstays are Descent, Eldritch Horror and Mansions of Madness... the newest addition is the Dark Souls Boardgame and we are really enjoying it. So much so that we actually went to check SFGs website and noticed the banner for the Resident Evil kickstarter (6 weeks ago?) and here I am ... 


Sorry for the wall of text ... long story short : I really enjoy playing board games with my family and friends and hope I can contribute here in some way... I would also like to get back to painting miniatures, so I will keep my eyes open for suggestions/videos on how to paint them :)


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