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The Union Witnesses Vet Kat

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In another GIC, Alternate Deployment game Smoke and her Alchemists take on Blackheart and his band of filthy pirates.  The lineups were as follows:

Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Venin, VetKat, and Compound

Blackheart, Strongbox, Grace, Benediction, Gutter, and Mist

With a poor kickoff Benediction was able to move up from the front line and score an opening goal.  This left him exposed with a Vengeance token for the Alchemist team to sink their teeth into. Moving the ball out first the Alchemists positioned themselves around Benediction full of conditions for VetKat to unload on.  This wouldn't get the take out but the top of turn two a Smoke legendary would take out Benediction.  

After this Blackheart attempted to get the ball off of Smoke but was unable to do so with Compound crowding him out.  This would allow the rest of the team to gang up on Gutter who would take massive damage from Calculus, Compound, Venin, Flask and finally vKat,  Kat was able to engage top of turn three and kill Gutter then charge Grace while engaging Mist who just took 7 damage from Venin mainly by conditions.  After the free charge and an intensify from vKat he would turn his attention to mist who only had one health left and set off a Witness Me.  This would leave the score at 8-6 with the Alchemists in control of the ball for Smoke to kick in for an easy 12-6.  

Harry what are you waiting for?


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