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Smoke Gives Fillet the Long Farewell

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Lineups today consisted of Smoke, Flask, Katalyst, Decimate, Calculus, and Venin vs. Fillet, Princess, vOx, Brisket, Boiler, and Meathook.  This game was predetermined by the Longshanks that it would be played under the new Alternate Deployment format and with Guild Influence Cards.  Filet and her Butchers opting for Crushing Force and Smoke and her team just wanted to sit and Watch the World Burn. 

Not too many pictures here but Butchers receive a Smoke kickoff to which they get to Brisket for protection.  As she spends two turns holding the ball Smoke was able to get poison on five Butchers on turn one to allow Venin to also stack the bleed effect on them via coagulation.  After turn one the Alchemist team had proceeded to deal out 21 points of condition damage slowly wearing them down.  

During turn two Fillet was able to remove Calculus and Venin was removed by Boiler with his buddy Princess but Fillet suffered almost 10 damage at the hands of Katalyst.  This is where the game changed and Smoke deterioration of the Butcher team paid off.

With most of there health near zero Smoke began the turn by watching vOx die of poison damage during the maintenance phase.  After this, Smoke called out her legendary to inflict the taken out condition on Boiler and Meathook with one AOE and deal another three damage to Fillet leaving her with four hp.  Smoke would then casually walk up and with 6 attacks do four damage on Fillet using multiple Bonus Times and a gang up from Katalyst.



Brisket would go on to score a goal the following turn but a handy Super Fan plot card allowed Decimate to run the ball up the field quickly and pass to a wide open Katalyst who would take the ball in for an easy game winning goal!

Once the game was over all that could be heard was the crowd chanting, "WE WANT HARRY!" over and over again.

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