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Akodo Harid

Tooth and Fishtails: Rage rages from boot to the head!

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In today's final match of the Escalation League week four of Guild Ball, we have Corsair's first encounter with the Union. Here we see the teams lining up for photos as Corsair switches out Kraken for Jac and Tentacles for Salt and the Union bring Decimate, Gutter, Benediction, Xbox, Rage, and Minx. How will this turn out?!

After Rage kicks off, Jac retrieves the ball and sends it to Salt for inspection. Rage punishes Jac's arrogance and nearly guts him in one blow. But he's far afield of the rest of his team, so Siren lures him in to a Corsair and Avarisse and Greede beating. Rage could have sworn he heard Avarisse taunting "Here's your bloody coin ya wanker!" but that's silly cause Avarisse doesn't talk.


So the rest of the turn goes in silence as Salt charges the Xbox and redrings himself a six inch dodge to bounce back into Corsair and hand him the ball where it'd stay for most the match.

Fish - 2 Union - 0

On turn two, rage comes back and helps Minx finish off jac to swing the score back. Siren once again shows her instagram photos and summons Rage closer. He can't help but stare at the Queen of the Sea who is just off camera in this next shot. But Minx decides to save her captain and nearly destroys Greede, but she fails to knock him out. So Corsair puts her on her back then pulls Rage over.


Salt would later die from being gutted near the end of the turn, then Jac came and shoved the Strongbox away.

Fish 2- Union 3


On turn 3. Rage returnsĀ  and beats on Jac nearly killing him but whiffing the final blow. Benediction attempted to punish Sakana to keep him from helping but this is what he rolled after a bonus timed shot with armor removed. So he dances away.

And now we find ourselves in the dreaded scrum.


Avarisse and Greede are battling for their souls and assist in demolishing Gutter. But Gutter gets a red rage my gang turn and brings the giant down to 3. and concusses him to stupidity. So greede and Avarisse heal up the giant. Siren would later get gutter to beat on the union captain for Sakana to finish up. then on Gutters activation, she kills Siren, Greede, and Avarisse.

Fish 4 - Union 9

Corsair now does what must be done and drops Gutter for the offense then runs away from Benediction to score a goal.

The game is now 10 to 9 with the union up.


The Union wins initative and kills Jac putting them up to 11. So it's all up to the next activation. Corsair just nods across the field at the Swine Prince and Wilbur to give them the chance. So Avarisse and Greede get next to Salt and in the most butt clenching set of dice rolls manage to just punish her enough to finish the job.

Union loses 12 to 11.

Once again, this has been a vote for No Gutter for the Butchers.

Objectives completed: 6 point activation (but not for the win) Inflict a condition, Perform a counterattack, and another one I can't recall for two points.

Surely Corsair and his team will be feasting well tonight!

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