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Akodo Harid

Honor fails dishonorably, Hammer fumes

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Escalation League - Week 4

Corsair, Tentacles, Kraken, oSiren, Sakana, Avarisse and Greede


Honor, Marbles, Harmony, Brick, Tower, Mallet



"You said you want me on your team, Pirate Captain?"

Corsair smirked.

"Not so much that. Just want to beat the meat. Since Ox is barely a shadow of the man he was, I'll just have to get revenge for my leg with spite."

The raven haired woman looked to the pitch for the day's game and smiled.

"Alright, I'll consider it, if you can win."

"Easily done..."

"...without goals. Show me that you can gut better than the butchers."

Corsair groaned, but agreed to the conditions.

Early on in the match, after kicking off, Corsair found that Honour had retrieved the ball and passed it back to Harmony. So Siren forced her to come hither setting up an easy take out between Corsair and Avarisse and Greed at the top of the second. Meanwhile, the masons moved up to try and assist their captain and get a hold of the ball.


Sakana was trying to contain Harmony, but the woman fought like a true fish and Couldn't deal with the extended reach of Mallet and found himself consistently fended off. Meanwhile, Avarisse and Greede ran into Brick to demolish them setting up a turn three kill.


On the other end of the pitch, Corsair and Tentacles kept sharing the ball while mopping up anyone who got too close. Finally after fending off the fish for long enough, Kraken succumbs to wounds from a tooled up Mallet. So tentacles was given the ball and a beer while Corsair yelled out "Gutter! Make sure you watch this!"


He then proceeds to take on Tower and Honor after Avarisse and Greede drops Brick a second time after a baited counter charge where he'd stay for the rest of the game. The game was now 10 to 2, with the Fish having taken out Brick twice, Honour twice, and Harmony once late into the fourth turn. This led us to Brick's fatal mistake


Brick deployed to protect Harmony and the returning Corsair pointed at her pretending that he was the target. But little did Brick realize that...Omaewa-Mou-Pushedouto

Brick felt the blood fire within and raced ahead when the Masons had no momentum to counter and with a mighty charge pushed him two inches away...Brick laughed at the futile effort until Kraken smirked and pointed to his left foot...


12 to 2 to the Fish and another call for no Gutter for the Butchers! Four agenda points were gained; No goals victory, counter attack, and applied condition (it's corsair do we really need to ask how this was done?)


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