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C'mon Crew!!

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By my informal count, I would say that the Butchers are ahead in both post total (objectively) and by informal battle report count. So unless you want the Butchers to get a chain pull model into their already good killbox list (which seems to be all of them), do remember to take pictures and submit battle reports.

They don't have to be elaborate (I know there is that one in here that impressed some Steamforged guys). Just a few pictures, and then maybe a paragraph or two describing who you took, and how the game played out. vGutter would be really nice in a lot of lineups, as Corsair already likes to scrum. Gutter would fit right at home here (and also provide someone else with chain pull and momentous damage results).

As far as informal hashtags, I had thought #RememberTheLeg or some pirate related one would be better (like #PirateStrong or something).

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