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Akodo Harid

Escalation Game Suggestion

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Well in this coming week's escalation game I have the worst lineup of agendas. Assuming I'm crazy enough to try them all (and I am) what 6 man line up would you suggest for this...

  • Perform a counter attack
  • Inflict 1 non-takeout condition (Easy)
  • Win without goals (ughhhh)
  • Successfully push a stoic, knockdown a sturdy, or tackle a close control (easyish depends on opponent)
  • Score 6 or more victory points in an activation (hopefully for the win)

I was considering A+G but Gutter could be fun if I can land three dudes surrounded and just scything blow my way to victory. Any thoughts?

I realize trying to do all of them in one go is janky as all heck, but Escalation is about being a weirdo and trying this dumb stuff.

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Well, a couple days before my next game(s). Because I'm silly I'm going to try it. More fun that way. I am kinda proud of my fish terrain piece though even if it's just fishing tackle and worms with the hooks removed.


But good luck with your future games naiconn

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