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Campaign Rule - New Game Plus

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Hi everyone!

I have been playing for a good long time now. My group who I play with wanted a set of rules so that when we finished the first campaign to keep their classes, skills and items. So this is what I came up with.


Campaign Rule – New Game Plus

When ending a campaign, the normal course of action is to start a new campaign with all players starting as new classes and starting over. If players wish to continue playing a new campaign with their current classes, equipment and leveled stats, then the players may choose to use the rule set for New Game Plus. In similar fashion to the video game, players progress to the new campaign without changing who they are or what they have, but the game becomes progressively harder.


Before Entering New Game Plus

Players have a few things to consider before making the leap to New Game Plus. Have the players consider the following.

Last Time Buy

After fighting the last boss, players may spend the souls they acquired. Any souls not spent now will not carry over into New Game Plus. They spend these souls however they wish.

Leftover Items at Firelink Shrine

Any items that are equipped to your players characters will transfer over to New Game Plus. Any items left in Firelink Shrines item pool are then either discarded or shuffled back into the item deck, depending on the type of time. If the item was left over from a boss, the item is removed from the game until the boss is encountered and defeated again. Any legendary items that were added from previous encounters are also removed from the game. These will also be added after boss encounters to the normal deck. Starting items, if still present, are removed from the game indefinitely.

If using the extended rules for Item Tiers or Merchants, reshuffle the respected decks.


After Entering New Game Plus

After players have finished the above actions, the DM will set up the next campaign, and will make the encounters harder. Soul rewards for defeating rooms remain the same as before. Though if the extended rule for hubris is in effect, the soul reward is doubled to 8 per player.

Encounter Cards

All encounter cards are increased in difficulty by one level to a maximum of 3.

Tile Layout

All tiles are to be used during each setup.



Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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