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Pushes & Straight Lines

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Something that's easy to get wrong is making sure Pushes are actually in a straight line, particularly when models are base-to-base.

Suppose you've got Ox and Midas base-to-base.


Ox wants to bring Midas further into the rest of the Butchers team, so with his attack he takes the Push. He wants Midas engaged by Boiler and Princess - where can he actually Push Midas?

Not where he wants. Because Midas has to travel in a straight line, he can't cross the common tangent line through where the two bases meet - otherwise he'd go through Ox's base. In the same way, if Ox was KD and Midas declared a Charge on Boiler or Princess, he couldn't cross the tangent line, so couldn't actually reach.
That means that Midas can only end up in the green part of the pitch and not in the red part.


When Midas suffers a 2" Push into the green part of the pitch, the path is clear and he's definitely not going over Ox's base.


If Midas were able to be pushed into the red part of the pitch, he'd have to end up passing over Ox's base, which he can't do!


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See a lot of models pushed around a base, especially with 1" >. I know I've done it at some point. Excellent diagram.

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It's therefore important to remember, when one resolves a :><: result, that either the Push or the Dodge could be resolved first, depending on the result you're looking for. For example if you start in base contact (as per the example above), your choice of Push direction will be severely limited if you chose to go for the Push first...

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Yeah I was aware of the straight line rule but would not have considered the effect so dramatic when pressed into another base like that.

I would have probably pushed Midas into Boilers melee but not Princesses, not realising I was crossing Ox's base. Really useful diagram, thank you.

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