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Shank & Ox are awesome. The American misconceptions with Butchers

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When I first got into Guildball I read all kinds of posts about how useless Shank was because he could only take 3 INF. But then I tried him and find him quite useful. 2" melee zone with 8" sprint is nice. And most of his playbook results give me multiple rewards, damage, momentum and a dodge. 

I usually use him not as a goal tender, but a defender. Charge forward, steal the ball, keep a safe distance then get the ball to my scorers

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On 02/11/2017 at 5:24 AM, HighInquisitorlord said:

Thanks so much for writing this up.  To be honest, I haven't played Shank since season two, and now you have me rethinking that decision.  Great thread to get me out of my rut and start thinking a bit more dynamically.




I'm just coming off a game where he whiffed pretty badly for me. He was okay early on, taking out Mist from full health in 2 activations and winning me the initiative turn 1. But for the rest of the game he did very little. He couldn't take down a returning Mist, he couldn't get to a scoring position after picking up a free ball. There are limits to what he can do and I forgot and expected too much of him.

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