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Guild Ball Tournament at Dice Bag Games in Duncan, B.C.

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Hearye…Hearye. There will be a Guildball tournament on the 30th of September at DiceBagGames, starting 1000 and continuing till approximately 1800 (6pm). It will be made up of three rounds, with the best of each round (by wins) facing off against each other till the final round. The winner will be the coach with the most wins, followed by total biggest point difference of all rounds, followed by most VPs.
Entry is $7 per coach. Sixteen coaches max. Prizes will be awarded to 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, best sportsman, best goal, and best painted team. There will also be a doorprize of a brand new Blacksmith’s guild team box, given at the end of the tournament to one of the participants, provided by Colin!
Games will last 90 minutes. Players will have a pool of ten players, one Union player maximum (unless playing Union). Before the game begins, coaches simultaneously reveal a Captain and Mascot. Players then reveal one additional player, in order of the person who won the kickoff die roll, until a full roster of Captain, Mascot, and four players have been achieved. Coaches will then set up, as per normal rules, and stop after the ball has been kicked off and before the maintenance phase begins. They will then await the whistle for everyone to simultaneously start.
Timings, as always, are tentative and are hopefully as follows
1000: Everyone arrives, fills out forms, and greets your honoured opponents.
1015: Opening ceremonies (speeches and day’s schedule)
1020: First game setup
1030: First game start
1200: First game end, painting and goal judging by participants
1250: Second game setup
1300: Second game start
1430: Second game end
1450: Third game setup
1500: Third game start
1630: Third game end, best sportsman voting by participants
1700: Prizes awarded. Coaches disperse
Which coaches will arrive for the competition!
Who will take a knee...an arm...a concussion?

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No problem Marcvs Avrellivs!

A fun day was had by nine participating coaches with me acting as a fill in coach. There were three Farmer teams, three Butcher, one Brewer, one Union, one Hunter, and myself as Mason.

First place went to Jeremy (Butcher) as the only person with three wins.

Second place went to Jeff (Farmer).

Third place went to Rob (Farmer).

Best Goal went to Bryce (Brewer) for his beer stein.

Best Painted went to Jeremy (Butcher)

Best Sportsman went to Austin (Union)

The Blacksmith's box went to Tyler. The LE Mist went to Craig.

For unofficial bragging rights, the most brutal goes to Jeremy (Butcher) with 13 player and 1 mascot takeouts. Most goals is tied between Craig (Butchers) and Rob (Farmers) with three each.

I thank everyone for coming out and Dicebaggames for hosting. A great place to visit when on Vancouver Island and near Duncan.
















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