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Hey all, how are ye doing?

I was thinking of starting a match report thread. I'm thinking it might help with reviewing certain matches in which I encountered problems, but didn't know how to handle them. And, of course, some people just like reading match reports. ;)

First up, a practice match between me and one of my friends, who has ~5 games of Union on his belt.

Mason's: Honour (c), Marbles (m), Harmony, Brick, Mallet, Flint
Union: Rage (c), Coin (m), Fangtooth, Avarisse and Greede, Decimate, Grace

Rough Ground on the left flank, obstructions in the center and right flank, all around the halfway line.

Mason's win initiative and kick off with Flint through the middle, ball gets stuck just over the halfway line behind an obstruction.

Turn 1

Rage comes forward to pick up the ball and tries to pass to Avarisse. Sadly for him, he misses. He actually wanted to use the Teamwork Action to close in with Flint. The ball scatters to just behind Grace, on the right flank.

Mallet moves up on the left flank and Fangtooth mirrors his move.

Brick moves in to protect Mallet and Flint with his Counter Charge bubble.

Decimate moves in besides Fangtooth.

Marbles completes the defensive double bubble on the right side of the center, while Coin Coffers Avarisse and walks into cover behind the center obstruction.

Harmony runs forward and hides besides the right obstruction, in cover, after which Grace passes the ball to Avarisse and moves to the right side of the central obstruction.

Flint smells his chance, sprints for Avarisse, steals away the ball and scores! From the gained momentum, he dodges away, but Avarisse is still able to get close to him and knock him on his arse. The Goal Kick was done into the left field, towards the patch of rough ground.

Lastly, Honour Quick Time's Brick into a better position, so Decimate can't get to him anymore, and moves up along the right flank to get close to her sister.

Union gets initiative and chooses to go first.

Turn 2

Avarisse drops Greede, and both of them kick Flint from the field.

As vengeance for Flint, Honour and Harmony then do their Sister Act and delete Grace.

Fangtooth moves up towards Mallet, but Brick Counter Charges into him. I forgot Gluttonous Mass... Oops!

Mallet and Decimate start wailing on each other, while Brick repositions, and Coin slithers over the field towards the center. Only Rage was close to him, so there was no Coffers target.

Marbles then positions himself to counter Rage's possible Furious charge into Brick. Sadly, the charge didn't get the required 5 results to push Rage away from Brick, which makes that Rage is able to wail on Brick some.

Mason's get initiative and choose to go first.

Turn 3

I was really lucky here. The Union was +3 on the initiative roll, so he expected to go first. But now, Honour and Harmony could close with Rage, while having friends in Brick and Marbles. Honour and Harmony delete Rage, cleaning up the scrum's right side.

Fangtooth starts wailing on Brick and knocks him down, and Mallet strikes back onto Fangtooth and knocks him on his arse as well. Using 'Come On Mate', Brick is able to stand back up. 

Decimate hits Mallet some, and dodges into snap shot range, but still within 2" of Mallet.

Flint then goes for the ball, but just comes up short, so he moves to stand in the way of the pass towards Decimate. Avarisse picks up Greede and moves closer to threaten Flint's life next turn, but my opponent forgets that Fangtooth is not engaging Brick, who can Counter Charge in and drop the big guy to the ground.

Marbles moves into Decimate to deny another kicking die.

Grace then grabs the free ball, kicks it successfully towards to Decimate, who Bonus Time's a now two-die Snap Shot... but misses.

The ball is intercepted by Harmony.

Union gets the initiative and chooses to go first.

Turn 4

Decimate tackles the ball off of Harmony and shoots for goal. And she scores!

The ball is kicked in towards the center scrum, to land at Honour's feet.

Honour snaps up the ball, uses KD'd Fangtooth to get two double dodges, uses Quick Time and sprints to get in range for a 4-dice Shot and scores to decide the match.


The match was played against someone with an even amount of Guild Ball experience, but this was his ~5th game being Union, so he was still getting into the working of the Guild. In my eyes, his team was sub-optimal against mine, and he seemed to not respect the Honour-Harmony combo. Grace was quite overextended (while still in cover), and Rage stood against Marbles and Brick, so Honour's attacks gained 3 dice and 1 DMG He also made some key mistakes ,i.e. passing the ball to Avarisse in turn 1, who was clearly in range for Flint to grab the ball and score an easy T1 goal. For next time, I advised him to bring Benediction for Fangtooth and to bring Minx for Grace. Benediction is a much better control piece for the center scrum, and Minx helps out Rage with her Marked Target and Snared. Using her speed, she's also a decent goal threat. Maybe even Gutter for an extra 2" melee character, and forcing people in using Chain Grab, but for who? AnG? And would Strongbox've been better than Coin? I'd say yes, but I'm not exactly a Union connaiseur. ;) What do you guys think?

I also made some mistakes, but those were mostly due to playing against the Union and their roster for the first time. Most of my problems came from figuring out what to do with Decimate. That broad is só mobile! :o I basically just ignored what she did, or counter-attacked with Mallet to try and keep her off him. I knew that a goal from her would eventually happen, and I kept Flint or Honour/Harmony both in position to do an immediate response-goal, in this case to end the game. I think I played it quite okay, but I'm not sure if the same will happen if my opponent gets some more practice in. Getting lucky on the initiative roll in turn 3 really swung the game for me.

Anyway, would you like me to continue these reports? Let me know! Any (constructive) feedback is welcome! :)

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So, it's been awhile since my last post. Shows you guys enough about the activity of my meta, at the moment. ;)

Last weekend was ClogCon 2017, a Dutch wargaming convention, and they hosted their first Guild Ball tournament. Of course, I had to attend! It was a 16-man tournament, but was dropped down to 8-man due to many cancellations. It would be a 3-round tournament.

My first game was against a fellow Dutchmen, who brought his Brewers. This game was a real adrenaline rush, as I made some misplays, but still pulled through due to some quick thinking on my part.


ClogCon 2017 - Game 1

Brewers: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, Friday, Spigot
Masons: Honour, Marbles, Tower, Flint, Harmony, Mallet

Rough Ground patch in the direct center of the Pitch.

Brewers win the roll for initiative and decide to receive. Masons kick off with Flint, and the ball ends up right field, a few inches over the center line.

Turn 1
Scum collects the ball, passes back into the Brewer line.

Harmony moves into cover on the left flank

 Spigot puts Tooled Up on Tapper and activates Time's Called.

Tooled Up is placed on Honour by Tower, who is put on just over 9" of Tapper. I counted 9" as I thought the rough ground patch would nullify Spigot's Time's Called effect. I forgot that Gliding is a thing...

Friday runs over and throws Dirty Knives on Tower, reducing his defensive stats.

Mallet is moved a tad forward, also staying out of 9" of Tapper and Hooper.

Tapper comes in, gliding over the rough ground [insert epic facepalm moment by me], and starts wailing on Tower. Besides a KD and some damage, Tower is also pushed into range of Hooper.

Marbles is out of range to join into melee with Tapper, and he is also out of range to Goad Hooper to prevent him from also beating on Tower. I decide to go with Honour and start wailing on the Brewer captain. Sadly, I get some terrible dice. As a counter-attack was declared, I choose the momentous :1::<<: result to not get KD'd and use Quick Time to move back into melee. Some momentum was farmed. In hindsight was this the wrong decision, as I could've just removed KD with Take a Breather and I would have more INF to get momentum.

Hooper then activates and starts wailing on the Masons rookie. He leaves him on a couple of hit boxes, knowing he'd likely go first on the next turn.

I activate Marbles and Goad Mash to prevent him from also joining the scrum. Mash then just charges the monkey and pushes him away.


Turn 2

On the top of turn 2, Tapper deals the final blow to Tower, netting the Brewers 2 VP, and then he starts wailing on the Masons captain.

I see that I have basically lost the scrum and look for scoring options. The ball is still on Friday, who is in range of Flint. He charges the beauty, tackles away the ball, uses Where'd They Go? to dodge 4" towards the Brewer goal and takes a shot. GOAL! Masons gain 4 VP, and Flint dodges towards the Brewer goal. Now the Brewer has a choice; split up his forces and throw some people at Flint's ball-playing threat, or ignoring him and going for the scrum. He takes the goal kick towards Scum.

My opponent chooses the latter and activates Hooper, who also starts wailing on Honour. She hangs on by a thread after the activation.

Seeing that the only person that is now able to kill Honour is Spigot, I decide to move up with Marbles and Goad Spigs. This works, and Spigot is unable to move towards Honour. My opponent chooses to activate Spigot, who puts Tooled Up on himself, and attacks Marbles. Afraid of my mentioning of Loved Creature, he chooses a KD result on his attack. 

I move in Harmony on Tapper for crowdouts for Mallet's next activation.

Mash also moves in on Marbles, but doesn't attack due to having no INF. I really like the fact that Goad has resulted in my opponent valuing Marbles as a primary target for taking out next turn, as that gives me the opportunity to figure out my scoring options.

Mallet wails some on Tapper and gets the KD and Singled Out results off.

Friday throws Dirty Knives on Flint, whereafter Honour stands up and gives Tapper some bruises. It doesn't really matter, though, as Tough Hide is really hard to get through without Tooled Up and/or Marbles' Assist.


Turn 3

The Brewers win initiative again and choose to start. Tapper stands up and knocks Honour out, whereafter he puts a KD on Mallet. He basically just ignored Harmony.

I know that I now need to do something in terms of scoring points. I check how much time I have left on the clock to hatch a plan. At this moment, I see that my opponent only has less than 2 minutes of official time left, while I am still at 9 minutes! I decide to play on time. I need to get 4 VP on time and score another goal to win. I am able to move Harmony away from the scrum, and shoot the ball in between Harmony and the Brewer goal with Flint, I might have a chance.  I decide to stand up Mallet, and attack Tapper, gaining me some momentum with which Mallet heals himself.

On my opponent's next turn Hooper starts beating on Mallet. He almost finishes off Mallet.

I now activate Marbles and use a Bonus Time'd Goad on Spigot, who wanted to go finish off Mallet. Now my opponent HAS to finish off Marbles first, and I know that the INF on Spigot, Mash and hopefully Friday will go towards killing Mallet and Marbles. He totally forgets I still have Flint, who is in range of Scum and the ball.

Spigot activates, as expected, Tools Up himself, takes out Marbles and also moves in for the kill on Mallet. He goes over time. One VP for me and 3 VP for my opponent.

I dodge and sprint Harmony away from Tapper, to move into position for my plan.

My opponent activates Friday, who moves 6" range of Flint and throws some Dirty Knives. 1 more VP for me.

Now I put my plan into action, only having Flint left to activate. I move into Scum with a sprint and Where'd They Go, am able to tackle the ball away, and basically just punt it towards the left flank, where Harmony is waiting for a goal run on the next turn. I have some luck with the kick scatter, and the ball rolls out of range of Friday. At this point, my opponent sees what is happening and starts panicking. He activates Mash and Scum after and is able to also kill Flint, netting himself 2 VP, but I also get 2 VP from those activations.


Turn 4

My opponent makes a huge error. He sees that the time on my clock is only 24 seconds. He decides that if he goes first and kills one of my returning units and I go over time on my turn, he wins. This decision was enforced by me basically feeding him the returning Tower, as I knew that if I went second I'd win. Goal VP are counted before Time VP. He goes first with Tapper, kills Tower and gives activation to me. I immediately move Honour up, use Linked before my time runs out, move Harmony up to pick up the ball and shoot. GOAL!


Honestly, I was literally SHAKING after that match. There were so many points where I could have lost, but I kept my composure and hoped that Goad and some mind games would result in me taking the win. And it did! My opponent was also greatly impressed, and thought it was one of the best matches he had ever played. :D 


The other two games I will put on here later today, or maybe later this week!

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7 hours ago, The Old Buzzard said:

How come Scum didn't UM away from Flint?

Good story and a good game.

It is sleeting here today which is why I am on the forum during the day.

Hi @The Old Buzzard, thanks for replying! It's been rather quiet in here, as I've been too busy. I'm going to the Belgian Nationals, so I'll try and bring a notebook for some more batreps in the future.

About Scum and Flint: UM only triggers on an Advance, and Where'd They Go? is a Dodge, so I could come into melee range without triggering the trait.

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Last weekend, I went to the Belgian Nationals to try my luck. It was a great experience, had a ton of fun, and learned a lot of tips and tricks! Mission accomplished! :D A huge shout-out to Kim Pipers for organizing an awesome event! I'll make sure to try and return next year! ;)

The tournament had 30 players, just short of a full 32-man attendance. There were mostly Belgians and Germans, but also a Frenchman, two English fellas and me as the lone Dutch guy. As @ForestRambo had already posted on the Blacksmith's sub-forum, Christian Metz won the tournament, taking home the Belgian cup, but more importantly, the spot to the World Cup. Once again congratulations on a perfect run and good luck on competing with the world's best later this year!

I went to the tournament with a single mission: do not go 0-5. I expected to go 1-4, seeing my current record against the Belgians wasn't all that great, and the feeling that the Dutch meta (in my opinion) is not that internationally competitive yet. If I'd win 2 games, I'd be super happy and call it a successful weekend. :)

My tournament roster: Honour, Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Tower, Flint, oHarmony, vHarmony, Lucky. I decided to leave Wrecker at home, as I wanted to try out the dual-guild Lucky. Chisel and Granite are standard no-go's, and I've chosen to not play Union picks due to them going out of rotation anyway with the coming of the Minor Guilds. Why get accustomed to playing with something that'll not stay with you, when you could use that time to practice with stuff that will stay? Sure, Mist, Minx and even Decimate would've been better picks than Lucky, but I chose to only play pure-Guild after the news from SteamCon and haven't looked back since.

So, after some laughs and meeting some interesting new people on the Friday night, the games started on Saturday morning. My first opponent? The ever cheerful David Cameron (@Not_that_one) and his Morticians. I was actually dreading this game, as I had only played a single match against the Spooks and he was quite up there on the Longshanks rankings. I was expecting a rofl-stomp. Little spoiler: it was, but not in the way you'd think...


Belgian Nationals - Match 1

David won the roll-off and elected to receive. He picked Obulus and Dirge, while I picked Hammer and Marbles.

Morticians full 6: Obulus, Dirge, Mist, Brainpan & Memory, Casket, Ghast
Masons full 6: Hammer, Marbles, Tower, Mallet, Flint, vHarmony

I chose to leave Brick at home, as Memory and Dirge can readily deal with the counter-charge bubbles, and Mist and Obulus both have ways to play around it. I picked vHarmony over Lucky, as I thought I'd need the +2" Charge range from Marked Target to close in fast with Hammer.

My game-plan was basically going for a 2-2. David would receive, and I expected to not be able to stop the Mist goal, so I just positioned Flint for the return goal. Hammer was in position to threaten B&M after the kick-off. Mallet would be on Obulus-interference duty and Marbles would try and have some lucky Goads on Mist.

Turn 1

So, kick-off happens with Hammer on the medium right, kicking the ball over to the left, where Mist is. Obulus collects the ball, passing it to Mist, who makes a dodge into cover. Tower placed Tooled Up on his captain and moves up, also into cover. Ghast moves up slightly towards the center, and Marbles does the same on the medium left side. Brainpan moves up on the medium right side, into cover, keeping Memory rather close. Recognizing that David is trying to keep everyone away from both Mallet and Hammer's threat ranges (even with Marked Target), I decide to pull the trigger on Hammer. He takes Iron Fist and Punishing March with vHarmony's 2 INF and charges the puppet. Getting a decent roll, I am able to use Knockback to get into range of Brainpan. The other 3 INF is spent on attacking him, leaving him on 3 HP. Casket moves to close in with Hammer, but can't quite reach him yet. vHarmony jogs up the field, following after Hammer. Dirge makes his move towards Hammer and Mallet also jogs up to the middle of the field. Now Mist activates and makes his goal run over the left flank, scoring the first goal of the match. I kick out towards Flint on the right, who runs up to the side of the pitch, ready to return fire on the next turn.


Turn 2

I win the initiative roll and elect to go first. I recognize that Obulus is in range to Puppet Master Flint and steal the ball away from him and deliver it back into the hands of Mist. This ties my hands and I decide to go for Flint's goal run on the first activation. I have Knee Slider, so I know I'd be able to put the striker back into a safe, but ball threatening position for turn 3 after the shot anyway. Flint bounces off of Brainpan to get his required momentum and takes a 4-die shot on goal. And misses... Ouch. David kicks the ball back into play towards Obulus, who is just 4" out of the deployment line on the medium left, and activates Brainpan, who respawns Memory. They are able to surround Flint and Memory attacks him twice, gaining two momentum, of which one is spent to heal Brainpan back to 7 HP. I recognize the threat of Casket being close to Flint, who can easily be boxed in by B&M, Dirge and Casket. I do not want to deal with Casket Time on my main striker. vHarmony, Marbles and Mallet are able to go and help Hammer and Flint, but then Tower would be the only one on my half of the field, together with Obulus and Mist. That would result in an easy third goal in turn 3 for David. I decide to activate Hammer early and try and defuse his plan to entrap Flint and start wailing on Brainpan and Memory to free him up. Attacking Memory here was a grave mistake, as it seemed that I'd needed all 5 of my INF to kill Brainpan. I get hot dice on Memory, beating him down in one attack, but then my dice fail me and I bring Brainpan back to 2 HP with 4 attacks. Man, what I wished for having someone within 6" to get me Iron Fist... In retrospect, I should've just killed Brainpan and leave the puppet alone. For the rest of the turn, Obulus is able to pick up the ball and deliver it to Mist, who then scores the second goal. Mallet is now finally able to move up onto Obulus, but I feel it is too little, too late. The goal kick goes to Tower on the right side of the pitch, who has to move a bit back to get it due to a less than ideal scatter, and ends up in cover. Sadly, he can't get out of range of Mist's ball threat range. All the while, Dirge and Casket move up on Flint and beat him up to 6 HP. Using the momentum, he heals Brainpan back to 6 HP. Marbles and vHarmony move back towards my goal to try and hamper Mist on his next turn.


Turn 3

I now have a big problem. If I activate Tower to get the ball away from Mist, David activates Casket and just kills Flint for the 4 VP from Casket Time. If I activate Hammer to save Flint from certain death, Mist will just get the ball from Tower and scores the third goal. I see there's no way for me to win the game, so I decide to save Flint. I never leave a man behind. ;) 

Also, the event had a separate system for rewarding certain goals, one of which was the fastest 3-0 game. As I thought of David as an awesome person, I basically chose to make him able to compete for that title. He activates Mist, steals the ball and scores. We check if there's anyone done with their games yet, and it seems David is the first to get a 3-0. Well done, bud!


Things to learn from the match:
David did well in pulling my team apart. Mallet, Marbles, Tower and vHarmony did virtually nothing, as I was continuously undecided on where to focus their strength. I also was greedy with Hammer, not focus firing on Brainpan.

David and me recapped the match after reporting the score to the organization, and he actually thought that the game was mine to win, but for my lousy dice in turn 2. If I'd have scored that goal, I'd have Flint in a menacing position for turn 3, which he could do nothing about. Brainpan should've also just died, as 4 dice with Hammer is more than enough to beat down a 7 HP 4+/1, even without Iron Fist. So if those plays would've succeeded, I would've been up 6-4, with Marbles, Mallet and vHarmony able to back up Hammer in attacking Casket for turn 3. Those 3 now had to redirect to try and intercept Obulus/Mist for the third goal attempt. He would've scored his second goal, and I would've been able to get the ball back to Flint with Tower after the goal kick. Mist and Obulus were too far away to directly threaten Flint in turn 3. Hammer, Marbles, Mallet and vHarmony would've been able to kill, or at least greatly damage Casket in that turn. After that, scoring with Flint at the end of turn 3, I'd be 10-8 up with an initiative lead and Hammer in position to kill Casket. Basically lost on dice rolls and not being able to recover. :(

Still though, it showed me that I actually played a perfect game, up until the missed goal attempt. That kind of threw me off and I started panicking on how to salvage the situation. I learned a lot from recapping the game with David, and went into the second match with a content feeling of my first match, even if I went 0-12. :)

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After a nice (3-course!!) lunch, it was time for the second match of the day. I was matched with @Mattias Vriens and his Engineers. Not having played against the Cogs before, I expected this to be a very tough game. This game is kind of hazy, as Mattias and me didn't really recap the game after. There might be some activation order mistakes, but the main story basically tells itself.

Belgian Nationals - Match 2

Mattias won the roll off and elected to receive. He picked Ballista and Mother, I went for Hammer and Marbles.

Engineers full 6: Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Colossus, Compound
Masons full 6: Hammer, Marbles, Tower, Mallet, Flint, vHarmony

I again chose to leave Brick at home. The Engineers don't want to close ranks with me, and will try to whittle me down using Blast Earth's and Deadbolt. I'd need people that can close fast and provide support against Character Plays. This of course is vHarmony. Marked Target would give Hammer another 2" range on the charge. Sadly, I quickly noticed that the Cogs are deceptively tanky...

My game-plan was another 2-2. I know Ballista scores quite easily with Breach!, and Mother and Hoist have an awesome synergy between them, so I expected at least 2 goals back. I hoped to at least out-trade the Engineers in the fight.

Turn 1

I kicked off with Hammer and the ball got stuck behind a barrier. Colossus came in and collected the ball, and passed it back into his own ranks. Tower Tooled Up Hammer and moved up towards the center. Ratchet Tooled Up Hoist and put down a Blast Earth on top of Hammer, which hit. Still, Colossus would be in range of Hammer if I activated Punishing March. I knew that if I waited too long, Ballista would just Deadbolt Hammer, and without any influence, that would kill 5 INF right then and there. This is why I activated Hammer early and charged into Colossus. I placed myself just right, so I could use Knockback to push the big lug towards my own team, but then Mattias intervened. I forgot that Compound has Rush Keeper... Crap. The big man charges my captain and puts him on his ass, still effectively killing 5 INF. I feel like I lost the match already. The rest of the game resulted in me scrambling my team to go towards Hammer's aid, but it was too little too late, as he kills Hammer on his last activation. 


Turn 2

Because of him being able to farm tons of momentum off of Hammer, we don't even have to roll for initiative. Mattias decided to go first, but I've kind of forgotten his first move for this turn. I think he put down some Blast Earths with Hoist. The ball was passed to Ratchet (I believe). I just know that I pulled the trigger and went for a goal run with Flint. I tackled the ball off of Ratchet and scored my goal, using the mometum to dodge 4" away from his team. I saw that Colossus only had 1 INF, so wasn't afraid of an Unexpected Arrival. Here came my inexperience of the Engineers into play. After placing the ball around Ballista with the goal kick, Ratchet put Overclocked on Colossus, effectively giving him a free charge. Oh no... As I tried closing in with the rest of my team, Colossus just charged Flint and... misses the push! But he attacks again, and then gets it on the regular attack... :( Bye-bye, Flint! Ballista then Deadbolts Mallet, grabs the ball and goes for his Breach! goal. He scores and uses the momentum to dodge back into his own lines. I throw the ball towards the left side, where I am planning to return Flint, as there is a patch of fast ground there. Tower, vHarmony and Marbles move in for the fight, but are heavily outmatched, and Hammer is still on his way to rejoin the scrum.


Turn 3

By miracle, I won the initiative roll. I elected to go first, as Mother was positioned in such a way that she could pick up the free ball and pass it back into her team. She had already put down lots of Nest markers for Hoist to teleport to for his goal run, so I knew I had to do sómething. Flint activates, picks up the ball on his run down the field, grabs the momentum from charging Mother and kicks in another goal. At the time, this felt like the right thing to do, but this is wrong. Now, Mattias has the ball back in his possession and can set up the Hoist goal run for the winning shot. Hammer is still returning from his take-out, and the rest of the team is struggling in the fight. Anyway, the ball is thrown out again and lands close to Ratchet, who kicks it over to Hoist. Looking back on the game, I recognize that I should've immediately charged Hoist with Mallet and put down Smashed Shins. This would've given me some more time to get the scrum where I wanted it to be. But I decided to activate Hammer, bring him up and activate his Legendary, effectively strengthening the rest of my team. But this was too little too late (again), as Hoist was able to get Burrow from Mother without moving, jumping to one of the Nest markers and sprinted up to make the match winning goal. Congrats to Mattias for playing a damn tight game and giving me no openings to ever come back into the driver's seat!


So, this was just a game of mistake after mistake after mistake. Even if the score was much closer than the first match, I never felt like I actually stood a chance after the Rush Keeper incident. Looking back on it, I guess I just have to make sure to practice against the Cogs a lot more. Sadly, no one in my meta or even around my meta plays them. I hope playing against people (or myself) on Vassal will help.

The other Englishman at the event, Greg Day (@kestershero), even offered to give me a practice match against the Engineers in the evening. Thank you for that, my good sir! :) He put down a slightly different team of Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity and (I think) Colossus. Greg perfectly showed me how the Engineers' gun line works. I was able to delete Ratchet with Hammer, but after that Ballista, Colossus and Hoist could just beat on the already hurting Mason captain and take him out. Minefield after that made it even harder for me to close in and save my captain. To make matters worse, he just waddles Mainspring into my team and blew him up with a salvo of Tooled Up Blast Earths. Hammer dead, Wrecker dead, vHarmony dead, Tower on ~6 life. It was not looking good. Greg suggested for me to regroup the squad and try again, but I didn't see the sense in that. I did not have the ball, so I couldn't pass around for momentum for healing, and he is able to just pick me off from afar using Ratchet, Hoist and Ballista. So, at 3-5 and not having any momentum to heal or attack the ball with Flint (I need 1 momentum to deal with the KD from Colossus counter-attack after the first tackle), I just forfeited, thanked Greg for the experience and went to bed.

The problem I'm facing is: before you can get in range, the Cogs have already whittled down your HP somewhat, which puts them ahead in the scrum. Then, if you're not able to move in your whole squad at the same turn, they can just focus fire the first one to come into their ranks and instantly pop him, even if it's a strong guy like Hammer. Every time I see an opening, the Cogs will always have an answer. I might just end up playing Honour and going for the 3-0 game, as beating down the Cogs feels rather tough. Still, Colossus and Compound are problems, and Ratchet and Hoist together with either Ballista or Pin Vice are enough to beat me to a pulp, before I even get close enough for a goal run. 

Meh, I guess I'm just salty I've still not figured out how to play against the Engineers. I have the idea that of all the Guilds, they are the perfect counter to what the Masons can and want to do. Needless to say, I went into match 3 with a rather glum feeling...

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2 hours ago, Zozo said:

Thanks the riports Bro, it is nice to read them!! :) Don't stop it!

Thanks, Zozo! :) I'll go right ahead! It's been a while since the game, so there might be some discrepancies with how the game actually went, but I think I've got most of it right. :rolleyes:

Belgian Nationals - Match 3

After a nice break with some pie, the third and last match of the day was announced. This time, I was up against my new-found buddy Björn Lefevre (@Bob The Builder) and his Brewers. He had the bad luck of going up against the #2 and #5 of the tournament in his first two matches, so he was not feeling rather happy. I hoped to give him a match, that he could at least enjoy. We never played against one another before, so I didn't know what I could expect. Against Brewers, I always pick the Honour squad.

If I remember correctly, Björn lost the initiative roll and I elected to receive. He picked Tapper and Scum, I picked Honour and Marbles.

Brewers full 6: Tapper, Scum, Friday, Hooper, Spigot, Stoker
Masons full 6: Honour, Marbles, Brick, Harmony, Flint, Mallet

Turn 1

From left to right, he positioned Hooper, Friday, Scum, Tapper, Spigot, Stoker. I spread my team out to receive the ball and positioned from left to right Harmony, Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint. The ball was kicked with Tapper against a barrier, in range of Harmony. She ran up into cover and passed the ball back towards Honour. Slowly, Björn moved him team up, while I set up my double CC-bubble with Brick and Marbles, and moved the ball along my squad towards Flint. I mispositioned Honour, as she was unable to put Superior Strategy on Flint, but she placed it on Mallet, who then threatened a large area. In my last activation (due to SupStrat), I positioned Flint along the flank to go for a goal run, hoping I'd win initiative for Turn 2. 


Turn 2

Seeing that Stoker, Friday and Tapper were all in menacing positions for Flint, I elected to go first and just go for the goal run. 4 VP over 2 is always a good trade, and Flint would be back in the action in no time. I bounced off of Stoker with a charge and could choose the momentous Where'd They Go. I went for the shot and scored, after which Flint used the momentum to dodge 4" out of the way. If Björn wanted to kill Flint, he'd now have to turn back. The ball was kicked towards his team and Friday picked it up. I moved up my CC bubble, while Tapper started bashing on Flint. I didn't really mind that much, as now his captain (and the Commanding Aura) was far away from my team. After moving up Brick and Marbles, and Friday throwing Dirty Knives on Flint, I decided to bring in Mallet. He started making a fuss with their captain and Björn didn't like that. Spigot and Stoker came in to join the fight, and the last one triggered Marbles' counter charge. I sadly only got a single push result, so he was still in range to bash on the old man. Honour and Harmony walked towards the scrum, while Hooper did the same.


Turn 3

At this point, I see that Marbles is engaging Stoker, who is already hurting, and Spigot. I fully load up Honour and hope to get anything out of Flint, who also gets a full stack. Mallet gets some INF to seem threatening, but I just want them to stay where they are. Miraculously, I win initiative and activate Mallet. I put Singled Out on Stoker and attack him for another point of momentum. After this, the ball is passed over to Tapper by Friday, who then comes in with her Shadow Like dodge, kills Mallet and runs back into safety. I was quite surprised by Björn deciding to put the ball on his captain, while Flint was just lying on his ass a couple of inches away. I activate Flint, remove KD with momentum and charge Tapper. Björn declares counter attack and defensive stance, so I just have to hope for a miracle. I get the tackle off, and Björn misses his KD with the counterattack. Ouch! Flint then uses Where'd They Go to get out of engagement range and shoots in his second goal. Out of spite, Tapper starts wailing on the striker again, but is unable to take him out. I now activate Honour and start wailing on Stoker. I am able to delete him and dodge my way into Spigot, who also gets the hurt laid down on him. I use my legendary to get an extra influence and am able to take Spigot out as well and thereby end the game.


In my eyes, Björn lost due to a couple of things.

  1. Not focus firing on Flint when he had the chance, as Mallet was just there to distract him away from the striker.
  2. Not trying to interrupt my CC bubbles with Scum, as they were constantly making it hard for him to choose where to go.
  3. Not going for anything goal-related with Friday, and placing the ball on the player who was closest to my striker.
  4. Not healing his characters after gaining momentum. Stoker might've been saved if he'd been healed twice.
  5. Unlucky dice at turning points

It felt good to win my first game and not go 0-3 into the third day, but I did feel bad for Björn, as I did put him in that position. Next time we meet, he'll get a rematch. ;)

So yeah, first day was over and I went 1-2. My first goal (not ending up 0-5) was averted. I expected to not win anything anymore, so I just had a good time with the lads afterwards, drinking some nice beers and having a laugh together. As I told in my previous post, Greg gave me another crack at the Engineers, and afterwards I was só tired I just went to sleep, visualizing myself winning games on the second day in my dreams. Want to know if it worked? :P 


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As I didn't post a match yesterday, I have to post two matches today! ^_^

The second day of the tournament started, and after a refreshing shower and a nice breakfast, we all headed back to the playing grounds. My opponent had already been decided: my Belgian buddy Joris Cleeren (@FishmongerMacSteam) and his Hunters. Oh no, again a Guild I've never really played against! After some good friendly banter, we sat down at the table and got our stuff ready. And of course, this was the table with a forest on it...

Belgian Nationals - Match 4

As I'd only played a single games against Hunters before, and this was a whole time back, I didn't really feel at ease. I was bummed that I didn't have any WiFi at the match location, or I could've just checked for some pointers on @ForestRambo's blog. :P 

I won the initiative roll and elected to receive. Joris picked Theron and Fahad, I picked Hammer and Marbles. My reasoning for picking Hammer was that Pinned wouldn't really hurt him that much. I was thinking of going for Theron anyway. ;) Also, Tough Hide will keep him alive long enough to get into their ranks, while the rest of my team would not be far behind.

Hunters full 6: Theron, Fahad, Chaska, Jaecar, Egret, Minx
Masons full 6: Hammer, Marbles, Mallet, Tower, Flint, Lucky

I didn't really understand Joris' line-up, other than that he had 2 INF-efficient Furious models and a whole lot of ranged attacks for Sun Strike. If he actually wanted to go for take-outs, I think he should've brought Hearne for Singled Out, as only Jaecar has Anatomical Precision to deal with my high armor values. Going for CP's only would be very costly. I left Brick at home and picked Lucky as my last spot. His free condition removal and free influence when losing initiative would really help against the woodsmen. I mainly picked him over vHarmony as I wanted to try him out in an actual competitive match.

Most of the match was played on the right side of the pitch. On the furthermost right side was a fast ground patch, almost on the deployment line on one side around the center was a forest, and there were some barriers.

Turn 1

He fielded his team on the side where the forest was, and positioned from left to right as Minx, Fahad, Egret, Theron, Chaska, Jaecar and put the ball on Egret. I positioned my team from left to right being Lucky, Mallet, Marbles, Hammer, Tower, Flint, and kept everyone over 2" from one another. Not wanting to immediately grab a multiple man Flurry to the face. He kicks the ball towards a barrier.

I activate Tower, Tool Up Hammer, and sprint into cover while snapping the ball. I pass the ball back into my ranks, towards Hammer.

Joris activates Theron, puts Sun Strike on himself, Chaska and Egret, jogs up, shoots Tower with Pinned and gives Blessing of the Sun Father to Chaska to end his turn.

I see that Egret is placed a bit too far forward. I pass the ball to Flint, take the Pass'n'Move dodge, grab two of Mallet's influence for Iron Fist and Punishing March, and then charge the female archer. After the charge and two attacks, Egret is on 4 life and pushed towards my own ranks.

He activates Egret, who takes a shot at Hammer and can then dodge out using Swift Strikes. This also poisons my captain. She then throws a Flurry onto Mallet and retreats into the forest with a jog and Back to the Shadows. This nets Joris two MP due to Sun Strike.

I bring up Marbles, and Joris comes into Hammer with Chaska. Chaska had 4 INF, so I expect at least 3 Boom Boxes, and I was right. 9 damage on the big guy, and Stoic is off the table.

I bring up Mallet and heal Hammer using Come On Mate. He brings in Jaecar towards Hammer and puts his Big Game Trap down.

I bring up Lucky and forget to acknowledge Minx' enormous 10" charge range. She gets a free charge onto Lucky for a bit of damage, and then scurries away with Back to the Shadows.

Flint then decides to high-tail it towards the fast ground on the right side of the pitch. He's in prime position to score next turn, and there's no one in range (except Theron's Pinned) to stop him from his goal run. Joris brings Fahad towards the center, in position to charge Hammer next turn.


Turn 2

Joris wins initiative, and I thought I just lost my goal run with Flint. He activates Theron, but then decides to Sun Strike himself and Chaska, put Pinned on Hammer and move closer into the scrum. With Hammer that close-by, I'm actually still confused as to what his thought process was.

Knowing that Flint is now safe for his goal run, I dedicate my attention to the scrum first. I move up Tower, who triggers the Big Game Trap, and put Tooled Up on Hammer. This was a mistake, as he can just activate Jaecar and place down another trap...

He activates Chaska again and brings the boom box down on Hammer again. 6 damage and Stoic is gone. I did position Marbles and Tower in such a way, that he couldn't push me far away, but only against one of them, so I don't lose a lot of ground.

I activate Hammer, take INF for Iron Fist off of Mallet and start pounding on Theron, pushing him in the middle of my team using damage+push results and knockback. After the attacks, Theron is on 7 HP and lying on the ground.

Joris activates Egret and sees Mallet and Marbles quite close to one another, so goes for a Flurry. Afterwards, he heals Theron for 4.

I activate Mallet and attack Theron twice, choosing Singled Out and :mom2:.

Joris activates Minx and charges Lucky again to do some damage. Lucky weathers the attacks of the wild girl quite easily. He activates after, clears his snared condition, takes his free INF from losing initiative and I decide to put him on disruption duty. Egret and Minx are two characters I'd like to tie up with the dual-guild model, so I move him into Egret, while also engaging Minx, and attack her for :mom2:

I now only have Marbles and Flint left, while he only has Jaecar and Fahad. He first chooses to come into Hammer with Jaecar, put his trap down and push Hammer into it. I choose to move up Marbles against the KD'd Theron, forcing Joris to bring Fahad into the scrum, as Flint is not close enough for the charge, and then use Come On Mate to clear Hammer of his conditions.

He then charges Hammer with Fahad, who decides to counterattack. Fahad rolls some damage, but gets 1 + 2 damage in return, so is now only on 3 lifepoints.

I now use the fast ground patch to run towards Joris' goal and score the first VP's of the game. He shoots the ball out towards Egret, out of reach for Flint.


Turn 3

While making ready for the third turn, I take a look our times. I only have a couple of minutes left, but so does he. I know I have to play fast, but make him have hard decisions. While Joris is ahead on momentum, I win the initiative roll and decide to go first. I deploy my influence accordingly and hand over the time to Joris. After his influence allocation, I have only 1,5 minute, while Joris has around 6.

My first activation is with Hammer, who steals 1 INF for Iron Fist and then starts pounding on the Hunters' captain. He takes him out, and then decides to use his remaining 1 INF to hit Fahad as well, who also goes down. He then heals himself and pops his legendary, as everybody but Lucky and Flint are within 6" of him. It's a bit useless though, as only Mallet has influence enough to do something.

He activates Chaska, lays down his trap and starts firing on Hammer again, who receives a lot of damage and snared from the trap. He is still alive though.

I activate Tower and move him to stand against Chaska.

Egret starts firing some more Flurries into Mallet and Marbles, triggering his Loved Creature, and after the Swift Strikes dodges she moves towards the ball. She heals herself as well.

I decide to activate Lucky and follow her towards the ball. During this activation I clock out. 1 VP to Joris.

Joris activates Jaecar, who puts down his trap again and starts hitting Tower, pushing him into his trap. Afterwards, he dodges away again.

I activate Mallet, choose the +1 damage from Hammer's legendary, and start hitting on Chaska. He's getting rather low! 1 VP to Joris.

Joris activates Minx, who is engaged by Mallet. She moves into him and attacks him, after which she dodges out towards the ball.

I now have Marbles and Flint to activate. Marbles moves towards Chaska, Flint sprints and dodges towards the ball. 2 VP to Joris.


Turn 4

After influence allocation time, Joris has only a couple seconds on the clock. I know that if I am able to kill Chaska, it's over.

Joris wins initiative and elects to go first. He moves Theron from the backline to engage the goal post, and moves Fahad close to where Egret is assaulted by Lucky and Flint.

He starts his first activation with Chaska, who attacks Hammer and pushes him away, triggering Stoic. I decide to not counter-attack, as I want to save my momentum for healing either Hammer or Mallet. He then attacks again, chooses a push and gets the momentum for a heal. I do not mind very much, as he is still in range for a kill. He shoots Hammer away with his boomstick and then decides to walk away. He goes into overtime here, giving me 1 VP.

I charged Chaska with Mallet, knocking him down. In the following attacks, I trigger Singled Out, do some damage, and push him back towards Hammer, whom I heal with the momentum I obtained from the attacks. I also heal Mallet himself. Joris gets a VP.

Jaecar activates and puts damage into Hammer, who still doesn't die. It's like he's made out of stone! :P He gets pushed into a trap to triggers snared and bleed. I get another VP.

Hammer activates, pushes Jaecar away, clears himself from conditions using Take a Breather, charges Chaska and takes him out. 1 VP towards Joris.

Joris now only has one more activation to win, but can't score 6 points in a single activation, so he forfeits.


Although I didn't give away a single point to goals or take-outs, having to do six 1-minute activation was super stressful. I had to really use Joris' activations to think about what my next activation would be. I actually think that it was a great training in thinking on your feet. No overthinking of situations, but just going with your gut feeling. Overall, I was super proud of myself. If not for the clock, this was a perfect game. :)

Joris made some errors in judgment, I think due to unfamiliarity with the Masons.

He underestimated how beefy Hammer is, and how much hurt he can put out in a single activation. If he'd focus fired on the big man, instead of spending a lot of his influence with Egret on character plays to spread the hurt along my team, he'd taken him out fast and easy. A full stack activation of Theron, a 4 influence Jaecar activation and triple boomstick would've been Hammer's demise. Minx and Fahad have Furious, so are INF efficient enough, and giving Egret no influence for a turn isn't the end of the world. Without Hammer, my front line would've not held up and that was where he could rack up the VP's. I gave him 6 VP's on time, so he actually needed one kill and a goal, or just 3 take-outs.

I think picking Egret wasn't the right decision. He should've taken Hearne for Singled Out. He could've then used Theron's forest (which he forgot to use in almost all his activations!) to move Hearne around. That can make Hearne go on some super janky goal runs! Having a 2" melee character would've also been grand for crowd-outs.

His biggest mistake, though, was putting Theron in the scrum, while Hammer wasn't dead, was close-by and still had a full stack of influence. He basically handed me his captain right then and there. Put Pinned on Hammer, and then walk backwards! Force him to leave the security of his team or take a dead activation. If he goes after Theron, your whole team can surround him and really put the hurt on. If he doesn't go after him, he has nowhere else to go and is likely to waste 4-5 influence on nothing.

Holy shit! I won two games! And the last match is to be played after the lunch break! Could I do it? Could I go home with a positive score??? :blink: Find out tomorrow! :D

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So, lunch break is over. Our bellies are full, and our minds are ready to get back into the action. I check the fixtures and see that I am up against... Völke (@Turbopups) Wiech and his Fishermen! My first attempt at defeating a German! B)

Belgian Nationals - Match 5

In his list, I see that he brought both Shark and Corsair. Knowing that Hammer into Shark is much more doable than Honour into Corsair, I know which captain I'm going to choose. Völke wins initiative and elects to receive.

Fishermen full 6: Shark, Tentacles, Siren, Hag, Sakana, Greyscales
Masons full 6 : Hammer, Marbles, Mallet, Tower, Lucky, Flint

My whole strategy is based on just charging the first possible victim for Hammer, while Flint constantly threatens the ball. Mallet is there for dishing out multiple Smashed Shins, Tower is there for Tooled Up, Marbles can be helpful with his Goad and I pick Lucky just because I liked playing with his in the previous match. :P

Turn 1

I elect to kick with Flint, threatening the first activation goal. There is a barrier, where I can place the ball at, so one of his models will have to sprint to come and get it. My positioning from left to right is Lucky, Mallet, Flint, Hammer, Marbles, Tower. Völke positioned his models from left to right being Sakana, Hag, Tentacles, Shark, Siren, Greyscales. I am able to place the ball at the barrier.

Völke activates Sakana, who passes the ball back towards Hag. He places Sakana in such a way, that I can't move around him and be in charge range of Hag with Flint. If I'd go the other way around the barrier, I'd lose some dice to being engaged to both Hag and Tentacles.

I choose to keep Flint's influence for a possible snap-back goal. Tower activates, Tools Up Hammer and moves forward.

Hag uses Talisman to Fisher's Reel Tentacles 2" ahead, passes the ball to Shark and moves up alongside the mascot. Shark dodges towards my goal using the momentum from the pass.

I place Marbles in between Tower and Flint, trying to form a kind of 'wall of crowd-outs'.

Völke activates Shark and tries to go for a goal run. He measures out how far he has to go and sees that he has enough for a sprint, an attack on Marbles, Tidal Surge and a shot on goal. The only thing he needs is a single momentous dodge on the monkey. Völke sprints, attacks and... misses. Now he doesn't have enough INF for his goal run, so he decides to farm Marbles for some momentum and then passes the ball back towards Greyscales. I was thoroughly confused, as he could've just charged Marbles for 4 extra dice. We discussed this situation after the game, and it seemed to have totally slipped his mind, which was a shame, as this should've been his first goal.

Seeing that Greyscales and Siren are not in any position to score, I ease up for the turn and just move Lucky forward, keeping my activations fast. After just 3 activations for either side, I am already almost 5 minutes ahead in time!

He activates Tentacles, and moves him up alongside the middle barrier, in cover. I assume that he placed him there to get a Blind off on Hammer in the next turn.

I move up Mallet, another quick activation.

He decides to activate Greyscales and moves back towards the middle. He passes the ball to Sakana, wanting to go for the goal run with him on the next activation.

So, I see Sakana on the left side with the ball and Shark on the right side. Tower and Marbles are already positioned on the right, and Lucky is on the left, while Mallet is placed in the center, ready to go in on either side. I don't want to get nothing out of Hammer's activation, so I decide to activate Flint and try to get the ball off of Sakana. I succeed. If I win activation next turn, that's a goal for me. Otherwise, it's a goal for him.

On his last activation, Völke activates Siren and moves him up to farm momentum on Marbles. This is a mistake, as he forgot Hammer's ability to gain 2" of movement by stealing influence from his teammates.

 Hammer charges into Siren and is able to delete her from the field.


Turn 2

Up on momentum, but I lose the initiative roll. Völke brings up Siren on the far-left side and activates Sakana, who steals the ball off of Flint in two attacks, sprints up and takes the shot. Using Knee Slider, he is able to put Sakana back into cover. I notice that I have no safe place to put the ball, so I decide to thump it out far towards the left field.

Flint activates and runs for the ball, picking it up. I know that Siren has 3 influence for Seduced, but the ball would then be stuck on her.

With Shark being so close to Hammer, Tower and Mallet, and the ball being stuck on the far left side on my side of the pitch, Völke decides to activate Shark and use all of his influence to run around the axis of his team, ending in between Sakana and Siren. I know for sure that I won't be able to protect the ball next turn, so I have to think about what I want to do to protect the ball.

I move Lucky up to engage Sakana.

Tentacles activates and Blinds Hammer.

Mallet activates and starts wailing on Sakana.

He activates the Hag, who pulls out Sakana from being in between Lucky and Mallet and also legendaries, to pull Sakana even further away and Tentacles back towards her and out of range of Hammer. Völke now has three threats in Shark, Sakana and Siren in close proximity of each other to go for the next goal. The ever illusive Greyscales is on the center of the field, and Flint is in no position to get away from all his strikers. I see the game slipping away from me. :( 

To keep Greyscales from joining the front, I try to Goad him with Marbles, but miss.

Hammer is unable to get close to anyone, so I just place him in a menacing position to try and delete someone from the field for the next turn.

Greyscales and Tower dance around each other around the center of the pitch.


Turn 3

Völke wins initiative again and goals for a goal run with Siren, who scores...

...and is immediately deleted from the field (again!) by Hammer. I'm not having any of this. :angry: The ball is kicked out towards Flint, and scatters perfectly just outside of my deployment line. Shark and Sakana are in no position to threaten the ball yet, as it is too far away. Hammer activates his legendary, as Mallet and Lucky are close-by and in position to try and kill another Fisherman.

Now Völke has to rethink his options. While I see him struggling in his mind, I see his clock ticking away. He's got 6 INF on Shark, but no easy way of getting to the ball at the moment. Hammer is also still in range for next turn. Knowing he is still 2VP up and only needs a single goal, he goes for damage control to try and keep Lucky and Mallet from deleting another character. Sakana was already hurt, so he chooses to move him away from the pair, leaving only Hag and Tentacles in range of them.

I move in Mallet with +1 DMG and start wailing on the squid, leaving him at 2 HP.

Völke activates Hag and dodges Tentacles away with Talisman and Fisher's Reel.

I activate Lucky, choose the +2" movement from Hammer's legendary and can now get in range of the squid. I attack once and get enough results for the :mom2: damage result.

Instead of trying to go for the ball with Shark, Völke decides to farm momentum on Lucky, as he really wants to start the next turn. 

Due to this, I now see that Hammer is quite a safe place to store the ball for this turn. Flint picks up the ball now, and passes the ball to the captain. Using the momentum, he dodges himself towards my goal, and Flint uses his sprint and dodge to get into position for a goal run next turn.

Greyscales starts farming momentum on Flint, and Marbles and Tower move in to annoy the old geezer.


Turn 4 

Völke again wins the initiative roll and decides to go first, after bringing in Siren on the right, over the fast ground patch. She's only a sprint away to engage Flint. I also see that Greyscales is engaging my striker, so I need to figure out how to get him away to go for my own goal run.

This turn was quite uneventful, so I think I'm just going to shortlist everything that happens.

Lucky and Mallet keep wailing on Sakana and Hag, while Tower and Marbles are able to push Greyscales out of melee range with Flint. Hammer moves against my own goal, staying away from Greyscales' ball threat. Shark farms momentum on one of my models and moves closer to my goal. As Hammer had to activate before Flint, the ball is stuck on him. Siren comes into Flint and I decide to farm momentum with Flint on Siren.

In the end, I receive 2 VP from Völke going over his time. Völke is 3 momentum ahead of me, when we roll for initiative. If Völke wins, he can charge Hammer, steal the ball and shoot the winning goal. If I win initiative, I am able to charge into Siren, kill her, punt the ball away from his team and be on 11 VP while he can't score in his next activation.


Turn 5

During influence allocation, I go over my time. I win the initiative roll, kill Siren and punt the ball away from Völke's team. He has no one in range of the ball, so the game is decided.


Some bad dice and some mistakes robbed Völke of a perfectly winnable match, in my opinion.

WOW! I went positive at the Belgian Nationals. Who would've thunk?! ^_^ Sure, I had my fair share of luck at times, but I guess that that's just part of the game.

I hope you guys liked my daily report of the games. I'll try to do this with every tournament I go to from now on, if you want? :)

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3 hours ago, kryzak said:

Congrats Nyk!  Great report and loved reading your awesome experience at the Nationals!  :)

Thanks, Kryzak! Couldn't have done without your insights and practice sessions! ^_^

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2 hours ago, Nykolae said:

Thanks, Kryzak! Couldn't have done without your insights and practice sessions! ^_^

Haha, I'm not sure I helped, but it's great to see you grow from "I can't win any games" to "I have a positive W-L at a big Nationals event"!  Congrats again!

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Big League match

My second match of the Big League I'm participating in. This time I was up against Koen (@Moltry) Versteegen's Hunters.

Hunters 6: Theron (c), Fahad (m), Hearne, Jaecar, Zarola, Minx (u)

Masons 6: Hammer (c), Marbles (m), Brick, Lucky, Tower, vHarmony

Hunters win the roll-off and decide to kick. Hunters set up very wide, with Minx, Fahad, Zarola, Theron, Hearne and Jaecar with the ball from left to right. I decide to set up tight, on the side of Jaecar. Lucky, Tower, Marbles, Hammer, Brick and vHarmony from left to right. Jaecar goes to kick the ball, and the ball scatters right into vHarmony's feet.

Turn 1

In the League, I bought 3 sponsorships. Two of them (+4" dodge on Pass'n'Move/Give'n'Go and +2"/+2" MOV) are placed on Hammer this turn.

  • Brick activates and moves up slightly, protecting vHarmony from Jaecar.
  • Minx sprints up the Pitch.
  • vHarmony passes the ball to Lucky, but misses. Lucky intercepts. She then places Marked Target on Jaecar.
  • Jaecar is able to charge vHarmony outside of the counter charge range. He deals 2 damage, puts his trap down and dodges back with Back to the Shadows.
  • Marbles moves up and stays within 4" of Brick.
  • Fahad sprints up the Pitch.
  • Tower places Tooled Up on Hammer, sprints up the Pitch and places Defend the Ground.
  • Zarola gives Theron a jog with Midnight Offering.
  • I see that there's no way that I can protect Hammer from Theron's control, so I decide to activate Lucky and pass the ball to Hammer. Hammer dodges up 8" into the Defend the Ground aura. With his last influence, Lucky sprints up towards Theron's position.
  • Theron activates, puts a forest down, places Sun Strike on himself, hits Hammer with Snipe and Pinned, uses Blessing of the Sun Father for another Snipe and then runs away from Hammer, putting the forest in between them.
  • Hammer is still able to get to Theron, but he has to hit the pass to Lucky. Sadly, with no momentum in the bank and being Sniped, Hammer has only 1 die. The pass to Lucky misses, Tower intercepts. Hammer forfeits his activation.
  • Hearne walks up and plays Skewered on Hammer.

Hunters win the momentum race with +5.


Turn 2

Sponsorships: +2/+0 INF on Tower. Hunters play Wing Backs, Masons play Hunker Down. Hunters decide to go first.

  • Hearne walks up towards Hammer, but this triggers Marbles' counter charge. Marbles comes in, 7 dice on a 3+/1, 1 result... The Mason coach starts to get a bit annoyed... <_< Hearne hits Hammer, getting Singled Out and some damage.
  • Hammer activates next, takes Iron Fist, and starts the beat-down on Hearne. Hearne is deleted from the Pitch. Hammer activates his Legendary and heals himself.
  • Fahad charges into Hammer, deals 5 damage (double wrap!) and dodges away.
  • Lucky activates and takes the +1 DMG buff from Hammer Time. He charges into Theron and gets the :momKD:. With his next two attacks, he deals 8 damage.
  • Jaecar comes into Hammer and throws some damage down, and then dodges away again with Back to the Shadows.
  • Tower passes the ball to Brick and uses Give'n'Go to dodge closer to Theron. He then attacks thrice, putting Theron on 6 HP.
  • Minx charges Lucky for some damage and Snared.
  • Brick places the ball on the ground and moves closer towards the Theron scrum.
  • Theron activates, clears conditions with momentum and attacks Lucky and Tower, taking :DD: results to get away from them. He then proceeds to Snipe Brick and moves to engage him, killing his Counter Charge bubble.
  • vHarmony activates, triggering Jaecar's trap. She passes the ball to Hammer, who dodges back towards her. With her final INF, she clears both her own and Hammer's conditions with Smelling Salts.
  • Zarola sprints up the Pitch.
  • Marbles jogs up to Jaecar, engaging him.

Hunters win the momentum race with +3.


Turn 3

Hunters play Won't Touch The Hair, Masons play Go For The Knees. Hunters decide to go first. Hearne comes in on the left side.

  • At this time, @Moltry has two options; either go for Hammer, who otherwise is in position to score, or save Theron. He decides to activate Jaecar and charges Hammer, who counters. Jaecar gets some damage in, and Hammer pushes Jaecar 3" away. Jaecar then puts his trap down against Hammer, and then dodges backwards with Back to the Shadows.
  • Tower charges into Theron and gets his :KD: result with some hot dice. He then deals some damage and puts Theron on 2 HP.
  • Theron activates, places his forest close to him, attacks Tower and picks the :DD: to get away. He is still engaged by Brick, but decides to play some Snipes and Pinned on Hammer, which all hit. He ends his activation within the forest.
  • Hammer activates, takes Iron Fist and Punishing March and is now able to reach Theron and delete him. He drops the ball, which is picked up by Brick. Hammer heals himself.
  • Minx attacks Lucky and dodges away from him, then takes the free charge on Hammer. She deals some damage and dodges away.
  • Lucky activates and uses his 4" dodge. I see Hearne standing on ~2" from the edge of the Pitch. @Moltry doesn't see this and dodges Minx further away from the scrum. Lucky then charges Hearne and gets the :momKD:. Now that Hearne is on 2+/1, Lucky is easily able to get the two needed :PD: results to push him back off of the Pitch.
  • Fahad activates and charges Hammer, dealing some damage.
  • Brick activates, places the ball on the ground which is picked up by Tower, and then uses 2 momentum to heal Hammer again.
  • Zarola moves closer to the scrum.
  • Marbles jogs to engage Minx.
  • vHarmony walks towards the scrum.

Momentum race is dead even.


Turn 4 

Hunters play Keep the Ball Moving, Masons play Seize the Initiative (vHarmony dodges into the scrum, Jaecar dodges towards Tower to threaten the ball). Masons go first.

  • Hammer activates, takes Iron Fist. He proceeds to :momKD: Fahad and then deletes Jaecar off the Pitch. He heals himself,
  • Hunters clock out. Zarola charges Tower and gets the :T: ánd :momD: by wrapping. She then proceeds to score a goal. The ball is kicked out towards Lucky on the left flank.
  • Tower activates and deleted Fahad off of the Pitch. With his last influence, he plays Tooled Up on vHarmony and then heals Hammer with momentum.
  • Minx attacks Marbles twice to get away from him with dodges, and takes the Furious charge onto Hammer. She whiffs the attack.
  • vHarmony deals 9 damage to Minx, almost killing her rightout.
  • Hearne moves up the Pitch, giving the last clock VP for Masons to win the match.


Some bad dice and some mistakes on my part made Koen have the ideal turn 1, but I was able to fight myself back into it. Hammer was healed for 20 (!) HP during the whole game. I think me being able to spread the threats around (threatening goals with either Hammer or Lucky, threatening the take-out on Theron) gave Hammer just enough space to keep himself alive. He and Lucky were the absolute MVP's of the match, with Tower and vHarmony being excellent support characters. I think faking out the goal threats and just going for take-outs was the best way to win this match, as his team lacked focus fire and was spread out too much. I guess I still have to learn how to deal with Theron's turn 1, because I needed near-perfect play to get back into it.

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Another Big League match

My fourth match of the Big League I'm participating in. This time I was up against the Farmer's.

Hunters 6: Thresher (c), Peck (m), Millstone, Tater, Harrow, Jackstraw

Masons 6: Honour (c), Marbles (m), Brick, Mallet, Harmony, Flint

Masons win the roll-off and decide to receive. Farmers set up tight, with Peck, Harrow, Millstone, Thresher with the ball, Jackstraw and Tater from left to right. I decide to set up somewhat wide. Harmony, Brick, Honour, Marbles, Mallet and Flint from left to right. Thresher goes to kick the ball, and the ball scatters left-field, towards a barrier. 

Turn 1

Farmers use a sponsorship; +1 DEF on Thresher.

  • Harmony sprints towards the ball, uses Acrobatics to go back over the small barrier and passes the ball to Brick. The pass misses, but Brick can intercept.
  • Peck walks up and places Cocky on Thresher.
  • Brick places the ball on the ground and repositions to get a decent Counter Charge bubble, where Thresher can effectively only threaten the right side of my lines (or charge Brick himself).
  • Harrow is not in range for Look Busy, so just runs up the Pitch. No Tooled Up on Thresher???
  • Marbles activates and places himself in front on Honour and Mallet, still in range of Brick to Go Ape. Now Thresher can basically only go for Mallet, while also engaging Marbles.
  • Millstone places her Harvest Marker and uses Get Out to push Thresher 2" forward.
  • Mallet moves slightly forward to entice Thresher to come into my ranks.
  • Tater moves towards the right side of the field, trying to set up a Counter Charge area against Flint's impending goal run. There's no Harvest Marker, though...
  • Honour collects the ball and brings it to Flint, who is Quick Timed and receives Superior Strategy.
  • The Farmer's player sees the error of his ways and uses Jackstraw's Crop Dusting to place a Harvest Marker for Tater.
  • Flint runs up with the ball until just out of range of the Counter Charge bubble of Tater, while still keeping far away from Thresher's threat range.
  • Thresher picks up Millstone's Harvest Marker for his 3" reach and comes into my lines to attack Mallet. He has positioned himself perfectly, just out of range for Brick ánd engaging Marbles at the same time. Mallet is KD'd and hit to 5 HP.
  • Flint charges Tater to get the required momentum to score. He hits the :momPD: and uses that momentum to shoot on goal. SCORE!
  • The ball is kicked out into the Farmer's cage. Millstone snaps it.

Momentum is in favor of Farmer's with 5+. Farmer's go first.



Turn 2

No sponsorships were used. Farmer's use Won't Touch The Hair; Poised is placed on Millstone. Mason's use Seize the Initiative; Millstone is dodged 4" forward, Mallet is dodged 4", away from Thresher's reach.

  • Thresher uses his Legendary, attacks Marbles and hits the :momKD::momD:, and then walks to engage both the KD'd Mallet and Honour. He takes out Mallet and proceeds to whiff two attacks on Honour. Ouch!
  • Harmony sprints and uses Acrobatics to get in range to crowd out Thresher. Due to being a Big League, we also play with Plot Cards (only Campaign cards though). I use Sister Act, which means that all other players on my team receive Assist (Harmony). 
  • Peck takes a Jog.
  • Marbles clears his KD with momentum and walks to also engage Thresher. He positions himself in such a way that Millstone can't push him away with Get Out.
  • Jackstraw moves up and throws down Crop Dusting. He misses Marbles and Harmony, but places the two Harvest Markers close to the upcoming scrum.
  • Brick charges Thresher and takes the :momKD:.
  • Tater charges Flint and does 5 damage.
  • Flint uses Where'd They Go to get away from the pretty boy, and then runs back to also engage Thresher.
  • Millstone goes for a crazy goal attempt, wanting to shoot on goal while being engaged by Marbles and Flint, and Flint also being in an intercepting position. He thought: 2 dice for a 4 is good enough and I'd gladly trade Millstone for 4 points. But he forgot that Thresher was KD'd, so Brick wasn't engaged and could Counter Charge. With some hot dice, Brick wraps and hits both the :momKD: and :momT:!
  • Now a full-stack Honour goes to town. She deletes Thresher from the Pitch and hammers Millstone to just 2 HP in 7 attacks (Legendary).
  • Harrow stands in place, sulking on how bleak his team's chances have become.



Turn 3

Mason's use the +2/+0 INF and +1 TAC / +1 ARM Sponsorships, both on Flint. Farmer's play Grudge Match; Singled Out is placed on Brick and Harrow. Mason's play Go For The Knees; +1 TAC is placed on Flint. Mallet comes back on the Pitch behind the Mason's goalpost. Thresher comes back on the Pitch over some Fast Ground on the left side.

  • Brick takes out Millstone, places the ball behind the team and moves into Counter Charge position against Thresher and/or Harrow.
  • Jackstraw uses Crop Dusting, hits Honour and misses Marbles and Harmony.
  • Mallet runs up and places the ball in range for Flint to pick up.
  • Tater runs back to stand into Counter Charge position.
  • Honour uses Superior Strategy on Flint and runs towards Jackstraw to engage him. During this Sprint, she also removes the Harvest Markers he just placed.
  • Peck moves to engage Brick.
  • Flint runs up unchallenged.
  • Thresher comes into Brick, dealing some damage. Nothing serious though.
  • Flint repeats his run from Turn 1 and scores.



This was a showcase on how to totally overextend with the Farmer's. You want your opponent to come to you, while using Thresher to take people out using last/first activation shenanigans. He was on a good roll in the first turn, but I forced him to choose to not get the take-out on Mallet, or trade Thresher for Mallet by good use of the Seize the Initiative gameplan card.

Afterwards, he got reckless and came with a silly attempt at goal with Millstone. He should've just retreated and let me come to him. After trapping Thresher, I actually played the game he should've played; set up the grinder and let them come to you. Well, he did... and brought me the ball ánd another TO. :P

Currently in second place in the Big League at 3-1. First place is also at 3-1, but has a VP advantage of +1. <_< My only loss was at the hands of him (playing Alchemists, the horror!). If I can pull this towards a 1-1 next time we play, I could be guaranteed the Big League victory, as I handily defeated the other 3 players with excellent scores. Still... upsets can hide in any corner... *shudders*

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Hi all! Here's a quick recap of my games at the WTC! Could be that I made some mistakes on activations, but I think the essence of the games are captured nicely.

Game 1: James Long's Fishermen, lost roll, kicking
Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Lucky, Decimate, Mallet
Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag, Siren

  • Hammer to Shark with Second Wind
  • Greyscales goal


  • Shark catches Hammer in a Net
  • Greyscales goal
  • Hammer Snap Shot via Decimate


  • Shark brings ball to Sakana/Greyscales, but epic fail on the scatter
  • Mallet smashes Sakana and Greyscales' shins
  • Jockeying for getting the ball back


  • Mallet takes out Greyscales
  • Sakana threatens ball, so ball is shot out of bounds
  • Shark retrieves ball and passes towards Salt
  • Brick makes it impossible for Salt to score this turn
  • Shark is pummeled to low health


  • No one can reach Salt
  • Salt scores


My fault here was not killing the ball, and going far too aggressive with Hammer. James gave me some pointers on how to fight Fish. Real solid fellow! :D

Game 2: Ben Downton's Fishermen, lost roll, kicking
Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Lucky
Shark, Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag, Jac

  • Masons jockey for position
  • Shark goal


  • Shark taken out
  • Greyscales goal
  • Tentacles taken out
  • Flint brings ball to edge of Pitch and drops it there


  • Shark comes back on (~3" from side of Pitch)
  • Hammer moves to push Shark out, but whiffs first roll (7+1 dice against 4+/1, 1 hit, no results)
  • Shark double dodges out
  • Jac and Shark double team to push Hammer out of the Pitch

(Would I have not whiffed there and pushed Shark out, Hammer would be out of range of Jac. This would be a very different game, with no one in range to get to Flint that turn, and the rest of my team able to beat some faces)


  • Lucky is encircled and taken out


Unlucky dice on a fatal moment! I knew I would take 2 goals early, but if I could protect Flint I'd be fine for a bit.

Game 3: Quentin Vighetti's Masons, won roll, receiving
Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Harmony, Flint
Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Tower, Flint, vChisel

  • Flint setup with Superior Strategy
  • Quentin positions perfectly to stop the turn 1 goal


  • Honour pummels Flint (Q)
  • Flint (Q) retreats towards goal
  • Flint moves up to score
  • Quentin finally closes ranks with Brick and Marbles
  • Ball is on Marbles (Q)


  • Hammer (Q) takes out Brick
  • Flint takes out Flint (Q)
  • Marbles is taken out
  • Marbles (Q) is killing the ball


  • Brick comes back on to engage Marbles (Q), pinning him stuck against a piece of cover
  • Marbles comes back on within Go Ape's range
  • Lots of attacks on Marbles (Q) whiff, even a Marbles counter charge (8 dice against 4+1, again only 1 hit, no results)
  • Flint moves to snap shot position
  • Honour and Harmony move to close the distance to where the ball is
  • Mallet is taken out

(Can I take the ball from Marbles (Q) here, I can pass it up to Harmony, who can pass it to Flint for the Snap Shot, but again my dice were cold)


  • Mallet comes back on near the ball
  • Flint (Q) comes on on the side of the ball
  • Honour is taken out
  • I time out and start giving time VP
  • Flint and Harmony threaten to kill Flint (Q)
  • Marbles (Q) is taken out, but not before he kicks the ball into space
  • The ball scatters right on top of Tower (Q), who scores a goal


Again the dice are against me this match at a critical moment. Taking the ball off of Marbles (Q) would've set me to 10-3. Flint (Q) was threatened by two of my squaddies, and otherwise Mallet and Honour together would've been able to take someone out. It would've been VERY close.

I sacrificed Mallet to try and get Honour to the other side of the Pitch, trying to assist Brick and Marbles, but Mallet was taken out too fast for Honour to get there unscathed.

Great work of Quentin on killing the ball on Marbles (Q) and on setting up the turn 1 bubble to delay my Flint goal, which cost me loads of time. Chapeau!

Ending day 1 on 0-3 felt really bad, as I felt that game 2 and game 3 could've as easily gone my way.

Game 4: Jaime Muñoz' Fishermen (AGAIN FISH!), lost roll, kicking
Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Tower
Corsair, Tentacles, Jac, Greyscales, Hag, vSakana

  • Jockeying for position
  • 2nd activation, Hammer takes out Jac, who retrieved the ball, and hides behind a piece of terrain with help of Knockback
  • Tower is pulled in by Corsair
  • Lucky and Marbles close with Corsair, while Brick tries to make the goal harder
  • Greyscales goal

Now I make a mistake that still haunts me 'til this day: instead of playing defensive with Flint, I go aggressive and move him up with the ball towards a piece of fast ground on the edge of the Pitch...


  • Jac comes back on and steals the ball from Flint. No momentum to push him out, he passes the ball into space, towards Greyscales

Mallet is able to Smash Greyscales' Shins, but with Where'd They Go and a sprint, Greyscales would still be able to move close enough to my goal and score

  • I choose to go for Corsair, who is taken out by Hammer and Tower
  • Greyscales goal
  • Flint moves to retrieve the ball
  • Mallet takes out Greyscales


  • Flint gets the ball and moves towards the deployment line, at the edge of the Pitch
  • Hag moves up Jac, who is now in range of Flint
  • Lucky goes to intercept
  • Corsair pulls Lucky out of engagement
  • Jac stands up and moves to engage Flint, but whiffs all his attacks and only gets 1 hit twice, tackling the ball


  • Flint is able to get the ball off of Jac and kicks it out of bounds
  • The scatter lands directly next to Corsair...

(Would the scatter have gone towards 1, 2, 3 or 4, it would've been fine, but it scattered towards 5, right into Corsair's lap...)

  • Corsair puts the ball down for vSakana, sets up the legendary, and knocks down everyone who could get to it
  • Brick tries to form a defensive line, but vSakana can shoot it from 10" away


I was SO angry at myself for making such a stupid mistake against Jaime. This was my game to win. I guess I got too greedy after seeing turn 1 go so well for me...

I could've still turned the game around if the out-of-bounds scatter would go in the right direction (4/6 chance) and far enough (3" would be enough, so another 4/6 chance), but it falls right into Corsair's lap; the worst place it could be in...

I have to commend Jaime on his Hag play, though. He played her excellent, and saved his team multiple time from just ending up in the Hammer/Tower/Lucky grinder.

Game 5: Leonardo Chavez Weyand's Rat Catchers, lost roll, kicking
Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Tower, Lucky
Piper, Squeak, Pelage, Scourge, vGraves, Skulk

  • Kicked with Hammer, jockeyed for position
  • Rats all moved backwards, scared of Hammer
  • Ball was used to move everyone backwards


  • Still jockeying for position
  • Ball ends up on Skulk, I decide to start the brawl with Lucky charging into Skulk to try and get the ball. The charge whiffs entirely, no results...

(oh no, not again...)

  • Skulk disengages from Lucky with help of Piper and Pelage
  • Skulk moves down the edge of the Pitch together with Piper and Squeak
  • I guess being scared of repercussions of Hammer, Scourge doesn't engage on Lucky
  • Hammer pushes Scourge out of bounds
  • Pelage engages onto Lucky and snares him


  • vGraves engages onto Lucky and puts down Gravedigger, Lucky is on 2
  • Hammer takes out Pelage, saving Lucky
  • Lucky activates and takes a breather
  • Mallet engages onto Skulk
  • Mallet gets pushed around by Piper and surrounded by him and Squeak


  • Mallet is pushed out by Piper
  • Scourge and Pelage keep out of the scrum's threat
  • Squeak brings the ball to Skulk, who moves into goal range
  • Skulk misses his goal run (oof! 😮), the ball scatters out of bounds
  • Tower picks up the ball after the scatter and passes it towards Hammer


  • Hammer puts down the ball and takes out vGraves, engaging Piper via Knockback
  • Piper pushes away Hammer with the Heroic and a >>
  • Using the Dilemma, Lucky is forced to move towards Piper
  • Piper misses the push off of the Pitch multiple times (ouch! :( I know your pain, Leo!)
  • Lucky uses Raise the Stakes, Leo chooses to not dodge anyone, obviously distraught by just missing so many attempts to get back into the game
  • Lucky runs and scores


I guess I was the lucky one on this match, nearly losing my goal attempt at the end. This would result into a 8-4 score though, with Tower being able to bring it home as well after either Marbles or Brick would just deliver the ball in Tower's path. Skulk COULD make it a bit of a problem, but with my high momentum score, I could just as well have turned Mallet and Tower onto Skulk and just went for the 10-4, with Piper being close to the edge and Hammer within jogging distance for next turn.

All in all, I think I played quite okay. 1-4 isn't the best score, but I feel that my individual position (#111 out of 138) didn't really represent my level of play at the tournament. I felt I could turn the game against Ben (5-0, #7 individual) and had a solid chance against Quentin (3-2, #54 individual), but had some real bad luck at critical moments. Lost 4/5 rolls for initiative and played against Fishermen (in my eyes, the #1 Guild for late S3) three times! Day 1 was HARSH!

My boy James (4-1, #12 individual) really just killed me dead, I had NO chance. I got him to turn 5, but by all rights it should've been over at turn 2 or 3.

Still quite sad about my mistake against Jaime (1-4, #117) in game 4, because I feel I had that game in the bag from turn 1...

Can't wait until next year! I'd really like a shot at redeeming myself! :) Most likely, I'll be trying out some new Guilds. I'm quite tired of playing Masons for now...

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Great to read your report Nyk!

Ouch on the 3 Fish in one tournament. :( I recently brought out my Shark fish for a local tournament, having not played them in over a year, and my God... Shark still lives and dies by those goals.  The games where my goal attempts didn't miss, the game ended in half the allotted time.  Then there was the other game where I had to make 6 goal attempts to get 3 goals... 

Anyway, Shark fish is so fast and have so many threats that even one tiny mistake can cost you the game (as Masons).  Key for me is always be slow and methodical, and try to kill the ball with Flint or get the ball somewhere it's hard for them to get to, until you are in the lead.  Then Masons have as good of a way to counter score (once they're in mid-field), especially with Honour/Harmony, as Fish do and they have to slow down their scoring.  

Good luck in the next tournament!

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Hi all! I've been dabbling with Morticians in Season 4, and did a little write-up of the first match of a tournament where I went 4-0 and came in second on SoS. Very proud of myself! :D How'd you like me now, @kryzak:P

The first match report is written in Gauntlet's post, but I chose to go on here, as I don't want to muddy his post with match reports. It should be about the Spooks in S4, not about some random dude's adventures. ;)

Anyway, game 2 of the Here Be Balls tournament!

In the second round, I squared off against a Belgian Fishermen player. He won the roll off and elected to receive. Fishermen for me is a captain chicken match-up. I'd like Obulus into Shark or Scalpel into Corsair. I chose Scalpel and Dirge, he chose Shark and Tentacles. Darn... His total 6 was rounded out with Kraken, Fathom, Hag and Sakana. I chose to deny him the ball as much as possible by picking vGraves and Skulk as a ball-killing tag team, and (of course) bring vHemlocke and Ghast. vHemlocke's Midnight Offering is too important a tool to leave at home against such a mobile squad, and Ghast brings some KD pressure, influence inefficiency for my opponent, and makes for a great Drag blocking tool.

I kick off the ball closeby. I put 6 on Scalpel, 2 on vHemlocke, 2 on Skulk, 1 on Ghast, none on Dirge and 1 on vGraves.

My opponent retrieves the ball with Sakana and passes to Shark. I measure the distance between Scalpel and Shark and he's within 10" of her. Now I have a choice: try and go for an early kill on Sakana, or go 'no guts no glory' and try to get the first goal of the match. I choose to go for the latter and charge into Shark. He defensive stances and counter attacks, so now I'm hitting on a 5+, with Hag being a crowd-out. I hit my tackle, and my opponent decides to use his counter-attack to dodge out of range of Scalpel. Now I'm stuck with Scalpel, but luckily I ám within 6" of the Fisherman's goalpost. I decide to hard-cast Spirit Bomb on Kraken and Shark to try and get Shark closeby again to make some more momentum, but sadly I only hit Kraken, who gets pushed backwards. So then I elect to also hard-cast Second Wind and just go for the 1 die shot on goal. Passing backwards would've just set things up for their goal run anyway; at least now I have a 50% chance of jumping ahead 4 VP. I roll my 1 die and... hit the 4! Using the momentum from the goal, I dodge backwards 8" from the goal dodge and Second Wind, putting Scalpel into cover. My opponent kicks the ball out and goes for a goal run of his own with Shark. A Quick Footed Shark charges Scalpel, picking up the ball on the way, and gets some momentum for the goal. He dodges into range of the goal, only having 1 momentum, and so takes the 3 dice shot due to an intervening vGraves. He misses... OUCH! The ball scatters onto vHemlocke. The rest of the turn, I just set up to kill Shark. Kraken harasses Scalpel some with Drag and KD. I choose to not hold Shark hostage at the end of the turn, because I thought my opponent had a major stroke of bad luck in the first two activations and I basically handed him Shark back for turn 2.


In this turn, my opponent is quite at a loss. Shark cán reach the ball, but is blocked by Ghast, and therefore he bides his time. He tries to save Kraken from a massive ass whoopin' with Hag and Tentacles' Blind, but it doesn't matter. I totally encase the big lug with my team, leaving the ball free on the pitch near my goal (still within range of Shark, but I wánt him to score. This means Shark gets close and I can kill him again.) When I move Ghast into melee with Kraken, Shark indeed sees his chance, runs in and scores the goal. I kick off towards my scrum and the ball is placed near Skulk, who places the ball down in a location where Scalpel could easily pick it up and go for a 6 VP activation of killing Kraken and shooting a second goal. My opponent spots this and sacrifices Fathom to get the ball and passes it to Tentacles, who tries to get away from the scrum to pass to Sakana. I take out Kraken and use Voodoo Strings and Spirit Bomb to get Tentacles back into melee range of Scalpel.


My opponent brings out Kraken near his goalpost. I activate Scalpel, tackle Tentacles three times (yes, he got the tackle off on his counter attack!), damage him to push myself out of his melee range, sprint up to have Kraken not intervene my shot on goal and sink the goal to win the game.


If I would've elected to bring the ball with me into the scrum, and not leave it near my goal, this game could've potentially ended up 12-0, but I think this was more of a fair score. Me scoring that first goal was just nasty, but him missing that first attempt basically lost him the game right then and there. I could just farm momentum off of Shark, and him overextending Kraken into Scalpel made it possible for me to just surround the big guy and make sure that I had first activation on turn 3 as well. My opponent went to finish 2-2 at the end of the tournament. I feel I just had a huge stroke of luck, as this match could've been a lot harder.

Matches 3 and 4 will come later on!

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I really enjoyed that report :)

We definitely don't see much Mortician play around here so I had a couple questions to pick your brain on.

1. Without the turn 1 missed goal by shark do you think you still form the scrum on Kraken looking to secure the 8 VP to threaten a game winning goal, or would you be more worried about goal pressure and play further up the field? Seems like you picked a lot of defensive tech in your draft and were looking for this type of situation but I'm curious how much was how turn one played out and how much was pre-game strategy.

2. You went with drafting defensive tech with Skulk, close control, fear, blind into a all-out goal scoring team. But your first instinct was a rather aggressive play with Scalpel. Do you think there's room for another aggro player, say Cosset, in such a situation?

Thanks again for all the effort you've put into this thread, it's appreciated :)

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Hi @Tsar14, thanks for the kind words! I've been thinking on your questions for a bit.

16 hours ago, Tsar14 said:

1. Without the turn 1 missed goal by shark do you think you still form the scrum on Kraken looking to secure the 8 VP to threaten a game winning goal, or would you be more worried about goal pressure and play further up the field? Seems like you picked a lot of defensive tech in your draft and were looking for this type of situation but I'm curious how much was how turn one played out and how much was pre-game strategy.

If Shark would've scored that snap-back goal on me, he would've been able to dodge out after the goal, not securing me that take-out. I think I would've played a tad more defensively, basically just making it as hard as possible for the Fish player to come get the ball, while Scalpel keeps on taking out models one at a time. I merely took full advantage of my opponent's bad luck. If he would've scored the goal there, I would've been in a less than happy state. I think I would've pulled out Scalpel with vHemlocke and just have gotten ready for turn 2, trying to get some momentum by kicking the ball around. That round I would've focused Shark with Scalpel, trying to take him out immediately, and the rest would be making sure my opponent doesn't get the ball. Round 3 would've been making another take-out on either Shark, Sakana or Fathom, and then looking for a goal run by keeping vHemlocke as a last activation with her 20" goal threat using Midnight Offering.

In all fairness, I think my turn 1 goal run was total bonkers. My opponent told me he was fairly new to the game (still went 2-2 on the day, so not thát new I guess), so I thought 'aw hell, why not'. This was a friendly tournament after all, so I basically wanted all new players to have exciting games with high-risk plays. My pre-game strategy was that I would've actually waited out Shark's goal run and then pull him in with Scalpel and hold him hostage for the next turn, while protecting the ball on the vGraves/Skulk combo. After that, it would've been a slow grind with me basically trying to one-round Fish players with Scalpel, and the rest of the team just protecting the ball.

16 hours ago, Tsar14 said:

2. You went with drafting defensive tech with Skulk, close control, fear, blind into a all-out goal scoring team. But your first instinct was a rather aggressive play with Scalpel. Do you think there's room for another aggro player, say Cosset, in such a situation?

There would very much be room for Cosset in a team like this. I went super defensive, as I wanted my opponent to need to work to get the ball, and I knew that Scalpel wouldn't be in much danger of repercussions after overextending for a take-out. You cán go slightly less defensive and bring Cosset instead of Ghast. Her and Dirge together can make for a second take-out squad and put more aggressive pressure on their strikers. vHemlocke, Skulk and vGraves are more than enough defensive tech to still make it hard for their strikers to hit home, but as I said, I wanted my opponent to have fun. A challenge, yes, but still fun. Losing 2 models per turn due to bad positioning and not even being able to get the ball off of my models wouldn't be a fun experience.

As I said in my report: I made it as hard as possible for myself to win. Next to making it an exciting match for my opponent, it also shows me the limitations of what b******t I can pull off without too harsh repercussions. :P Basically, my luck on the Scalpel goal run and his bad luck on the Shark one in the first turn were what locked in the win for me. We could've just as easily just called it right then and there, but where's the fun in that.

I hope these answers are satisfactory? :)

I'll add my third and fourth matches (both against Farmers) later on. It might be Christmas holidays, but I'm still a VERY busy man. 😅

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Good stuff @Nykolae, and long time!  You've have become a good player in your own right now! :)

Sorry for the late reply.  Not as much time these days for Guild Ball (though I still run tournaments locally) due to the minis game I'm getting ready to Kickstart later this year. :) 

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