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Awesome wife: sharing my birthday present

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So, my wife likes to draw but she hates doing commissions. However, each year she draws me a commission for my birthday. Previous years I had her draw Warmachine art but this year since I've been playing more GB (and rapidly consumed all the fiction) I asked for a GB commission.


Here's my gift


She even added symbolism with her flower choices.

Here's the flower meanings:

bluebells (two clusters, on either side) : humility

oak-leaf geranium (under his arm): true friendship

zinnia (the cluster on the foot of the grave): thoughts of absent friendspink

carnation (on top of grave): remembrance

hyacinth (under and behind his head): games and sport

blue hyacinth: constancy (faithful, dependable)

violet hyacinth: regret

yellow hyacinth: jealousy

web copy.jpg

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