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Kdogs completed stuff

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That green is lovely, nice and rich.

And with the orange/fleshy red you've avoided them looking like Christmas hunters, that's always a bonus :D


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It gets us all eventually :D

Starts out so well, and then you decide to accent your bold colour scheme with its contrast, and before you know it you can’t scrub the elf effect away no matter how much paint stripper you use...

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So Finally finished the first four of my original Hunters (which were derailed by the winter painting comp). Pretty pleased with how they turned out. Found Egret a challenging mini, Absolutely loved painting Hearne and Theron. I was really worried about screwing up the bases, but they came out better than I hoped for (they look better in person).

I tried a new skin recipe for these guys. Wanted it to look a little more tanned than what I normally do, with the exception of Egret who I felt should be paler due to less time as a hunter...

I also wanted to do most of the metallics a bronze colour which I find a little more foresty (true word) than silver.

As per norm excuse sub par photography, either too dark or too light. First pic of theron seems to be best one (probably as it was the last one I took). 

First up, my regular crutch. Theron!!!


Next up, my hardly ever see the field number 1. Egret!!


Followed closely by my hardly ever see the pitch number 2. Chaska!!


Lastly my pretty much alway KD'd, TO'd or kicking nads Hearne!!!!!!!!!!


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So in somewhat of an odd one for me I have finished a mini within 4 weeks of the last one I did :P. This time up it is Zarola, who while I love on the pitch I found an absolute mare to paint. She is my first ever attempt at dark skin tones and you can't really see the highlighting all that well in the pics. As usual critiques and advice (for future jobs- I'm never going to repaint a mini) more than welcome.


Just Jaecar and Fahad to finish off in my "Summer/Autumn" hunters theme. Then Seenah will bridge between this scheme and the one I did on Skatha for the heralds. Unfortunately I am struggling to remember what I mixed with the blue to darken the tone a little :mellow: I should take stock from my wife and write my recipes down I guess.

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As a cheat for remembering recipes, I often just photograph all the paints I used, lined up together. One photo for each set of colours/area of the model. 

Course, eventually I end up looking at photos of paint bottles thinking “what did I use those on?” :D

She looks good though, the face peeking out on the front shot is great

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So finished Jaecar and Fahad over the weekend. Not my greatest work. Love Jaecars pose and his base, but they combined to make some very unenjoyable angles to try and paint. Fahad I wanted to make it look like it was walking through the jungle at midnight so went for a purply kind of sorta shade highlight thing that I don't think worked/shows up in the pics (black background doesn't help). I also managed to do a bit of fast terrain as well (being sick ups productivity massively).

I have noticed just now that I need to do some tidy up to Jaecars hands and right side of the face but will still chuck the pics up so I don't have to (cringe) try and take more...





So just have Seenah, Snow, Ulfr and vHearne to go and they all officially have paint on them so...

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4 hours ago, Furnace said:

They look really nice, did you do a night theme on Jaecar as well? That face is topnotch. 

Thanks man, no night theme intended but I'll take it...

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So while I have been quiet on the painting front I have been doing some stuff. About 75% done on vHearne and 40% done on Seenah, then hunters will be done.

I have however managed to finish a goal (very basic) for my first ever tournament this weekend, had a play around with some blood effects and have finished Ulfr and Snow (still need to base them).

So quick goal (this was speed painted for me, painted it in 2 days!!)



Here is my blood effects test on Meathook


And my not yet based Ulfr, who I found really fun to paint (Thriller dance pose aside), had a play around with skin tones and probably didn't get it right but oh well, it was an experiment.


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So finally based my final 4 hunters in time to receive the exiles for my birthday (mixed emotions here, thought I was over painting Butchers and Hunters...)

any poor photo quality as per usual etc

First up, drooly bear, bit of an experiment this one (i have mixed feelings about it's success)




Followed by vHearne (i tried to keep some of my original hunters colours in here as well as the winter ones. Again mixed opinion myself)



Finally contender with Tenderiser for coolest unused model, it's Ulfr


I also got a neat green stuff world rolling pin for my bday from the kids. Here is the first trial (so simple to use even i got it right first go)


And just a wee taste of what I am working on now (new guild, new scheme)


As always happy to get constructive criticism etc 

Also wondering on the best way to highlight the armour on the smiths....open to suggestions.

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finally, after going on Holiday for 6 weeks and not coming back to a house to live in thanks to Major reno's i have found a bit of my painting mojo again.

Got a charity event on the 23rd so the aim is to have the team done by then. Sorry in advance for pic quality etc, they are just quick and nasties. anyway C&C welcome


Up first is the all important goal post...


Followed by Iron


And then Burnish


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