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I'm not sure that his playbook actually discourages parting blows. The expected value for a 7-die parting blow vs a 4+/1 model is 2.5, meaning he's got about a 50% shot of getting that T> or M>>, and is unlikely to hit the KD.

I like Defend the Ground on this team, I could see that being nice.

I don't like that Furrow specifies Rough Ground that he's placed; no other Farmers make RG right now, but in the mirror or vs an Engineers team it might be important to mark. Between the fact that he's a planter that only generates 2 INF and that he has such tight activation order problems I think that could have stood being any rough ground, or maybe any rough ground within some distance.

On STW, @Slothrop and co were saying they think Ploughman competes with Harrow for a slot, and of the two I think Harrow probably wins out. Maybe you take Ploughman if you need his easier access to higher damage? Even so, Tooled Up is such a good CP for putting out damage that I'm not sure I'd want to pass it over...

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One thing that I thought no gets overlooked is his ability to grant Glide.  This could be used favourably against certain opponents with tough ground auras or who can generate tough ground to keep the Farmers mobility high.


all round an interestingbtoolbox that I do think wins out in certain match ups.

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