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Offal a New Butcher, No More Vets

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Offal, "the blood, giblets, the remainder from the butchering of meat."

I was thinking how our team selection is pretty cool, but how a new character would be really exciting. 

Sure, Veteran Boiler could be cool... But we need some new blood!

What's on your list? 

2/4 INF is on the top of mine, and at least 6 TAC. Gotta keep the team average TAC high! 

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I would see a character that can do some distance damage to set up our team 2" melee, 1/4 inf.

Character Play : 2 inf / Guildball  : 6" or 4" (more likely 6") with some damage and a condition - bleed would be really cool to set up the rest of our team. - An armor debuf or a speed debuf to help.

Dodge and double dodge non momentum on 1 and 2 column. 




ahah Singled Out :D

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Well they have bleed with Venin so why not poison with Offal ;)

Maybe a rotting meat flinger :D handing poison at distance by throwing well.. offals

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We also have dirty knives for poison. Hunters, brewers and union all have players who deal poison. There may be more that in just forgetting.

I think we're missing two different types if players at the moment.

Firstly we need a decent secondary damage dealer with a bit of mobility - someone who can be given a 4 stack and turn it all into damage who isn't so easy to shut down or counter attack. An ability like acrobatic, but maybe something fluffy and thematic instead would work.

Secondly (and I may be wrong here as I've not had enough time to practice with Harry since the the errata) but a brawler/controller piece like Harry used to be. I used Harry for KDs, supplementary damage, goad, pushes, and molotov; in that order. Given that he's realistically lost his ability to do the first two, I suspect I'm going to find him lacking.

Thinking about what "Offal" makes me think about in a player I think he would suit the second type. 2" melee but iffy defensive stats, 2/4 influence, maybe pinned rather than goad so that he's not just a Harry clone, maybe something like noxious death for the poison theme. I'd probably go for TAC 6 with a KD on 3 which is 50% vs def 4/1. To make him more butcher-like, and to give him that supplementary damage role, I'd give him pushes and KDs with damage momentously, but keep the actual damage low. That makes him tastier with Ox than Fillet too, potentially.

Example playbook:

Col 1: mom1 or >

Col 2: mom T or 1>

Col 3: mom 1 KD or >>

Col 4: mom 2>

Col 5: mom 2>>

Col 6: mom 3 or 3 KD

(Lots of momentum on there so would probably need toning down, but you get the idea)


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