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3 hours ago, Adran said:

Hoping this was sarcastic but just in case...:

Rolling 2 dice has 36 different outcomes.

there are 12   9 outcomes that have both dice on 4 or higher. There are 24 27 outcomes where you have 1 or lower 4s rolled, so 0 net hits after the armour. That is a 1/3  1/4 chance of getting 1 hit against a 4/1 model with a 2 die attack.

Ediitd after EL009 correctly pointed out I have failed to count to 9

If you want I can get into more complex statistics. So we all agree that dice odds are usually 50/50. You roll the dice and you either succeed or not suceed. 1/2 outcomes=50%


Now let's branch out to more complex dice math. Sometimes you "might" get what you need, but sometime you "might not." Ok, pretty heady stuff, lets break it down. So we keep the 50/50, yes/no result. Now factor in the "mights." Yes/no/might/might not or 1/4=25%. But "Dont the might and yes stack?" I hear you ask. The answer is sometimes. Factoring that; A might success is like a yes success but a yes success might not succeed. Follow? So factoring the mights with yes we get; yes+might-no/might not which is roughly 34% or 33.33333 repeating obviously. 

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I was really uninterested in Ulfr before I ever tried him, the internet gives him a lot of stick. After 20+ games with him in a Skatha line up, he has got a goal in like,, 18 of those games? He's fantastic for a turn one goal with BotMG. Where'd you go is probably one of the best CP in the game, while his design isn't ideal and Blood Scent is more a trap then a thing I've found him super valuable in the Skatha line up for a turn one goal, or hanging on a flank waiting to receive a ball threatening a trivial snapback goal. 

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