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What style did you paint face or your characters?

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Hello mates

I was looking trough some of miniatures paintings here on forum, and they just keep getting better and better.

But i have one  amusing question to ask all of you Dark souls lovers.

Is there anybody who painted their player characters faces in undead form instead of human?

God knows i (and probably lots of others too) spent most of my Dark Souls time in undead form, often losing human form minutes after gained it :D

It would be fun to see some characters painted in this more gloomy, way :D

Have a good play in jolly cooperation


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I was wondering that as well!

My miniatures are getting a professional paint job (as I suck at painting and would rather spend my off-time playing the game) and mine will all get hollow-faces. I'll post pictures once they are done next month.

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My miniatures are almost finished. I had them painted by professionals and that's ho the hollow faces look like (I went with the red/brownish look of the first game). I'll gladly post close ups as soon as I have them back.


IMG_7992 (Copy).jpg

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