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Sir Orpheus

Painted Gargoyle

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I thought it was high time I start to show off the models I have been working on since May. Now that I have a camera that isn't broken. Starting with my Gargoyle. 

This has surprisingly been my favorite model to paint so far, and I'm happy with the finished project.

Aside from a few Warhammer models, I have no heavy experience in miniature painting so any advice for the future will not be tossed away. 


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17 minutes ago, squirtis said:

Looks good man! Similar to mine. I'm almost done... Need to finish armor and green wash then going to go back and do any clean up

Thank you :) it was fun, the green is a bit messy but that's what I get for grabbing the dry brush variant over the layer. All in all, I'm more proud of my brown blending, used some browns from the P3 line and I really like them. 

Looking forward to seeing yours when it is finished. 

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