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Strictly the Worst: Episode 22!

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A screaming came across the sky. 

Ahoy, m80s! Our latest episode is pipin' hot and ready for your consumption. This episode is, of course, dedicated to the errata that dropped last week!! We hope to make up our lateness with high quality takes. Check it out:


Let us know what you think about the errata! Who lost, who won, where is the game going, and how is it getting there?? Thanks as always for listening, you guys are the BEST

You can follow the cast here:

Twitter — https://twitter.com/strictlyworstgb
Facebook — facebook.com/strictlytheworst

You can follow the individuals here:
Alex's Twitter — Bottsonbottom.online

Pat's Twitter — Scum.online
Vince's Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheCurkov
Vince's YouTube — Shortened Link

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