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I played over the weekend and am going to post from memory as I am at work and do not have the game in front of me:

I believe the boss attack in question was Smough's, he had a move and then an attack for his turn . Move is no problem but his attack had the "attack nearest character" symbol and NO "all characters in this arc get damaged" symbol, however his arc did show a green arc in front and a weak on the right side (I believe). Why include the green arc if all characters in that arc are not attacked and only the nearest character is attacked? Does the nearest character have to be in the green arc then?

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Forgive me for not looking first but I found the answer here in the forums already:


"And on a very rare case, you can have:

 - nearest character icon + green arc on diagram

 - aggro icon + green arc on diagram

In such case, targeted character has to be inside the arc to be hit."


Forum post:


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