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The Automation (final)

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An excerpt from a young engineer's Journal:

Day 1) Final assembly complete. Injection of oils into joints and motors breathe life into the hulking automation. Response instincts appear delayed, but functional. Begin stability tests.

Day 9) Hip and Legs are too fragile to support the top heavy frame. Automation repeatedly falls over upon attempted movement. Several metal plates are detached from right shoulder to improve stability. Knee joints reinforced with additional steel. Feet are recast with metal couplings.

Day 10) Fluids reinjected. Stability tests continue. Automation walks, but unable to jog. Problem appears exclusive to size. Smaller automations able to sprint in under a day.

Day 12) Removed arms entirely. Automation is able to sprint... slowly. Problem located, but unsolved.

Day 20) Considering scraping product. Will not be able to replicate the agility of previous designs. Lord requested Power, but what good is a creation which cannot navigate the pitch? Destructive arms incompatible with mobile frame required.

Day 35) By chance, received letter from cousin in the mines.  Ores sourced from deep within Erskirad range yield interesting properties. May be practical for designs. Have sent coin to purchase samples.

Day 42) Refine ore into workable alloy.

Day 48) New alloy… seems to attract or repulse other materials? Nearby wrenches will cling. Very difficult to work with, but the property is extraordinary.

Day 53) Fashioned a sort of gyroscope out of the alloy. Circular motion when powered by engine hoped to increase stability.

Day 55) Device inserted into automation’s core. Fluids injected. When Automation becomes active all nearby tools now cling to his chassis… Fluids drained.

Day 56) The Automation carted to nearby woods. Fluids injected. Automation is stable! Repeat. Stability achieved! Core stabilizer appears to center the Automation. Sprinting is developed, but drastically slower than older models. Creation able to fell nearby tree in single blow.

Day 60) Lord’s chief engineers will inspect the product in one week. Safety protocols deactivated to spar. Automation is still much slower than previous generation, but has broken several opponent ribs.

Day 62) Sparing partner is armored. Each time he attempts to engage - his metallic breast plate is drawn into the automation’s core. Unexpected byproduct of stabilization device.

Day 64) Automation introduced to ball. Equally proficient as previous generation. Automation appears to periodically overclock stabilizer to influence the direction of the ball.

Day 67) Chief inspects product. Most are impressed by strength and fringe capabilities. Stabilizer is questioned and studied in detail. Master Axle is quietly displeased.

Day 84) Have continued working with Automation. Capabilities improve. Awareness of others grows. Plans been accepted and will be considered for deployment.

Day 90) Captain Pin Vice has left a note in the workshop. Hip joints appear to have been removed and replaced with a new design. I am instructed to present product to training field in 3 days.

Day 91) Field testing. New hip joints softer metal but increase Automation’s mobility by 50%.

Day 93) Present product at training field. Master Axle pilots the Colossus. Wishes to challenge the product. Protests are overridden by Captain. Inject fluids. Automation is presented with the ball. Colossus attempts to strike with his greater reach. Drawn in to the Automation’s stabilizer. Neither design gives ground. A leg is able to remove the ball from the Automation. Colossus attempts to shake free. A powerful blow by the Automation cracks an exposed limb. The Colossus is hobbled.  It stands and stretches a rear leg to regain possession. The Automation begins to buzz violently, stabilizer overclocking. Half a second prior to Master Axle securing ball a pulse is unleashed from the Automation’s core. Sheer force propels ball into the goal post. Axle dismounts the colossus and can be heard muttering expletives. Pin Vice silences his low cuss.

Day 97) Received word the product will be deployed in the season opener versus the Fishermen.

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