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Stamina during activation

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Need some clarity on the running part of a players activation.


I have entered the first tile, the enemies take their activation as normal. now i move a node as normal, then spend 1 stamina to move on to the node with the enemy to make an attack.

after making the attack am i able to spend more stamina to move away from the enemy? 



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Hello there.

Simple answer: no.
Rules to refer here is on page 22:
"During an activation, a character may move before attacking or after attacking (but not both)"

So if you move before attacking, you can't move afterwards.
But if you are able to attack as first action on your turn, then you can move away from the enemies.

Take in concideration that some items will give you movement as part of attacking, these kind of weapons will give you more options on movement.
Check page 23 for the rules about "shift"

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