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Winters Night / Frost Token / Push/Dodge

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Had a question arise that I promised I'd check on. In this case, we had 2 interpretations of how the Push/Dodge get's applied from the frost token granted by Winters Night (Skatha's legendary).

  • Interpretation #1 - Spending the token adds >< to all Playbook results.
  • Interpretation #2 - Spending the token adds a separate additional result of >< to a play.

If it's interpretation #1, the >< can be added multiple times with a wrap. If #2 it cannot.

Which is correct?

** as a note, this would also be the interpretation for Avarisse & Greede's "Many Hands" trait, correct?

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Winter's Night

Place a frost-token on each enemy model within this
pulse. When a friendly Guild model makes a successful
Attack against an enemy model that has a frost-token,
the friendly Guild model may remove the frost-token
to add an additional :><: Playbook result.


The effect from spending the Winter's Night token is to add an additional :><: Playbook result to the attack. It does not add an additional :><: effect to each Playbook result. This is the same for many hands.

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