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Obulus vs summer

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I took Morticians along to A Midsummer Night's Scream yesterday for a 5-round event in pretty incredible heat. It was a really well done event (one highlight being the themed scenery!) and best of all I was guaranteed best in guild going into it...

Here are some very brief reports - the heat means I've probably forgotten a few things, sorry if I got something wrong!

R1 vs Charlie (Hunters)
Obulus, Dirge, Casket, Ghast, Avarisse&Greede (A&G), oGraves vs Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Jaecar, Chaska, Zarola

I kicked off with Obulus and he passed the ball around a bit to Hearne, with Theron giving him Blessing and putting down the forest for him. Obulus stole the ball with Puppet Master and ran away a bit. Hearne managed some damage on Obulus with Skewered and hit someone for a bit of damage, but I had the ball reasonably safe so A&G could go in to punch Hearne a bit (I think?). This set up a Casket Time on Hearne, then I just played very negatively and picked off Hunters whilst killing the ball on Obulus. Casket got pushed off from a Chaska Boom Box / Quadruple Push combo, but I slowly ground out the takeouts to win.

12-2 WIN (0 goals, 6 takeouts vs 0 goals, 1 takeout)

R2 vs Greg (Fish)
Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Brainpan&Memory (BPM), oGraves vs Corsair, Tentacles, oSiren, Jac, Kraken, A&G

I kicked off with Obulus, and Greg pulled him towards Corsair with Lure from Siren. I didn’t really want Obulus dead so had to activate him next to run away. Obulus ended up in 3” of Siren so he Puppet Mastered her into my lines and then ran away. Kraken moved up to protect her, but I managed to push Siren around a bit, get some crowdouts and dodge Memory into her and do some damage. Next turn I got the takeout on Siren and a nonsense A&G goal, but he managed a takeout (maybe Graves?). At some point I got another goal, and he took out Avarisse and Greede to make it 10-6. 

I was really low on clock at this stage, but I just needed one more takeout. Kraken seemed the easiest option so I kept hitting him. I lost 4 clock points, Graves took Kraken to 2 to make it 10-11. End of turn, and it was all over for me - but then we remembered bleed damage on Kraken.

12-11 WIN (2 goals, 2 takeouts vs 0 goals, 3 takeouts, 5 clockouts)

R3 vs Henry (Fish)
Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, BPM, oGraves vs Corsair, Tentacles, vSiren, Greyscales, Gutter, Hag

I thought BPM worked well in the first game against Corsair so stuck with them, mainly for the extra crowdout / momentous damage. I kicked off with Obulus and he moved the ball around a bit by snapping / unsnapping because of Puppet Master. Ghast and Graves moved up staying just out of walk + Harpoon of Corsair, but Hag dodged Corsair up so that he could drag Graves and start setting up for Gutter. He might have overextended a bit here - Obulus dragged him in and I was able to hit Corsair with Greede and Memory, generating plenty of momentum. Next turn Memory was hitting Corsair with 5 crowdouts to finish him off. I think once Corsair was dead there just weren’t enough damage dealers for the Fish. 

Some unlucky dice (lucky for me!) meant Graves took more to kill than he should have done, buying a bit of time. I think the number of crowdouts I had available compensated a bit for (vet) Siren’s Dread Gaze, and I was able to set up a kill on Gutter for 4-2 after fortunately winning an even initiative roll. A&G got a nonsense goal scooping up an unsnapped ball for 8-2, but Avarisse died to a returning Corsair.

Obulus got the takeout on vSiren - being able to dodge in with Shadowlike then walk after Escaping Fate has been triggered is very helpful - then a Dirge Sic ‘Em charge put Singled Out on Hag for Memory to finish (as the puppet’s attacks get round Fear).

12-4 WIN (1 goal, 4 takeouts vs 0 goals, 2 takeouts)

R4 vs James (Masons)
Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Casket, oGraves vs Hammer, Wrecker, Brick, Granite, Tower, vHarmony

Obulus kicked off again, and he was careful of Puppet Master, just moving the ball around by unsnapping then tooling up Hammer. It looked like he was setting up for Hammer to jog then dodge into Obulus with a pass, and that didn’t seem ideal at +2 DMG so I just Puppet Mastered Hammer backwards. Unfortunately I’d still left him in sprint + dodge range, so Hammer KD Obulus and did 6 DMG. Trying to save Obulus I sent Greede into Hammer to generate momentum, but just ended up with a KD damaged Greede.

Turn 2 Hammer managed to finish off both Obulus and Greede to make it 0-4. This was not ideal. I think if Hammer had just run away here it could have all been over, but he moved to engage Avarisse to set up for the next turn. Avarisse, Graves and Ghast were able to push Hammer towards Casket and do some good damage so that Hammer would be on 2HP after bleed. vHarmony was just out of range on a goal run, even with dodges off Avarisse, but I was 2 down on the roll.

My dice saved me - I won the roll and I could go with Casket, putting Heavy Burden on Granite, Casket Timing Hammer and dropping a Ghostly Visage to protect against Brick. vHarmony scored and I just kicked it into space to where Obulus had returned. Ghast, Graves and Avarisse spent a turn denying Granite anything by pushing her away, and doing some damage on Granite and Brick.

The next turn I got the takeout on Brick and left Granite low, but vHarmony got the takeout on returned Greede to make it 6-10. I still had the Obulus legendary so he was able to move up towards Granite with the ball and guarantee the roll-off. Obulus finished Granite off, sprinted to goal range and scored.

12-10 WIN (1 goal, 3 takeouts vs 1 goal, 3 takeouts)

Things looked pretty grim there for a bit!

R5 vs Aaron (Engineers)
Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, A&G, Casket, oGraves vs Pin Vice, Mother, Harry, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity

Obulus, as always, kicked off. Ratchet and Hoist lobbed some Blast Earths at him and Pin Vice looked to be setting up for a Legendary goal run. I used Obulus’ Legendary, stole the ball from Pin Vice, dodged away and dropped it for A&G to collect. Pin Vice couldn’t do anything so I was able to get the standard nonsense A&G goal. The ball went out to Velocity. I lost the roll, but he went with Mother first into Greede. Obulus went for another goal run, dodging round Mother and using Puppet Master to get the ball off Velocity and dodge into Tap-In range. Then he missed so badly the ball went off the pitch, luckily dropping onto Ghast.

Pin Vice got the takeout on Greede and did plenty of damage to Avarisse, taking damage from Deletion. Avarisse got taken out too, but I was able to nearly kill Pin Vice and Harry and then Casket Time Harry. 8-4. Pin Vice ran away but was on 3HP with Reanimate triggered, so Graves sprint after and finish her. Pin Vice returned to kill Graves in revenge and Hoist got a goal, but Obulus and Ghast combined to kill Ratchet.

12-10 WIN (1 goal, 3 takeouts vs 1 goal, 3 takeouts)

Thanks to all my opponents for some great games!


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