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Witness Me! - Episode 1

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Greetings all!

A couple of us in the Raleigh, NC meta have decided to hop into the pool of communities putting games up on YouTube, and our first episode is now up!  We're trying to make a two commentator cast work, with us breaking down a game from start to finish.  We pause in between turns to break the game down, provide our commentary, and then hop back in.  At the end, we give an overall commentary on the game; currently, the plan is for each video to be 45 - 60 minutes.  With the two man format, it's a little harder to have the concise nature of a podcast like Run the Length, but we'll see what we can do.

This is our first time doing this, so there's some rough edges to the edits, to our commentary, and especially on the microphones.  I'll cop in particular to having some bad mic habits, so please bear with me - I'll be working on improving my diction, mic use, and overall vocal habits.  Lon's better at it than I am, so you can be nicer to him :)

Any critiques, advice, etc. is very much welcomed, and I hope the product is at least somewhat enjoyable!

Last but far from least, I want to say a thank you to the Raleigh area players who have been patient in working with me on this, and to other video casters out there - I got advice from a few people, but I REALLY appreciate the work you do now.  There was a lot more fiddly bits than I expected.

Hope you enjoy!


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Hey guys welcome to YouTube!

Great first vid much much better than my first attempt. If you don't mind I'm going to give you some notes. (Something I heavily wish someone would have done for me 6 months ago.) Before we get started I just want to explain that I don't intend to be mean and your are very free to ignore this advice.


Lets start with some tips for using YouTube as a platform. You guys need to update your search terms. I routinely search guild ball and sort by most recently uploaded and your video didn't come up. It looks like guild ball isn't one of your tags and it doesn't appear in your title. This makes it very hard for anyone to find you or for YouTube to recommend your video to anyone else. And as long as we are talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I think I need to tell you that the name of your cast is going to make it rough for people find you. Now I know that you probably spent quite a bit of time deciding on the name but since Witness me is also a mad max reference no one searching it will be able to find your video. 


Your audio quality is much better than mine was out of the gate. I assume you record using audacity and use the noise reduction effect to achieve this. Also use the equalization tool since this will help keep everything the same volume. I would recommend closing discord or muting it while recording since its message noise is throughout the video. 


Your video quality is also quite good. Here there are a few minor issues with your graphics the right score number is a few pixels above the one on the other side. You also have a few issues where they are getting outlined in red randomly (33:55). I'm not sure what video editor you are using so I can't really recommend a solution. For your opening you have the witness me logo up for over two and a half minutes remember that YouTube is a visual medium and even the best videos lose 50% of their audience in the first 30 seconds.

Game play:

Make your players play on a clock. This will make your editing life so much easier! When people play on the clock they do all their thinking up front then just act. This makes editing out the thinking time super easy since it is almost always at the beginning of an activation. I personally find the mat that you are using overly busy and distracting I think the plain green one photographs better. 

Overall I'm very excited to see another group of players uploading game play that isn't just unedited footage. (Right now I think it is just you, me, and T&G.)

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I enjoyed the video.  Good commentary and analysis.  I liked the third person perspective.  I'd second @TheCurkov on the tagging.  The only way I found it was your link.  I looked up Witness Me! and I came up with tons of clips from Mad Max.  I tried adding Guild Ball and it interspersed a few Guild Ball videos with Alchemists but not yours.  I subscribed so I wouldn't miss any other videos.  I like the format though.  A lot.  Good job.

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@TheCurkovand @Silversmith:

I completely forgot to check back on this post due to work/RL, so... a belated thanks for your input!!

This is a brief reply because I'm at work, but I've already started working towards some of the changes, particularly related to Discord.  That was some inexperience I learned VERY quickly from after re-listening to myself :)

and some of the other quirks were just simply from moving production along.  Due to RL, the first video took well over a month before I got it out - other priorities came up and I didn't get all the kinks out.  So hopefully some of those will be improved.

last, thanks a ton for the advice on optimizing and our name - I kinda realized Witness Me might end up being problematic and I'm debating a name change.  I didn't have any idea on the optimization, though - that's one I'll have to pay attention to more going forward.

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