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Red Dragon

Does "Titanite Shard" improve hitchance?

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I'm extremely surprised this question doesn't seem to have been asked yet!
Also interesting for the 2nd print of the rulebook...

Does the "Titanite Shard" weapon upgrade item improve your hitchance or does the extra +1 damage only resolve after you get more dice-pips than the block/resist value of an enemy?


Specific example why it matters: I play an Assassin and found the "Composite Bow" and the "Titanite Shard".
The composite bow has two attack options and one upgrade slot:
[0] 2black -1 (Ø)
[3] 3black -1 (Ø)

A great weapon to easily pick off 1-health/1-resist trash mobs at a distance, but the composite bow has fairly shitty odds of dealing damage to anything with two, three or more block value. Since weapon upgrades are final it's important to know if the +1 damage directly negates the "-1" on the card, or if the +1 damage only counts AFTER you actually hit an enemy. 

My reading of the rules suggests that it basically does increase your hitchance, judging by the following passage:

Some equipment cards have dice modifiers that add a fixed value to the die roll or subtract a fixed value from the die roll.

For example: The 3 Stamina attack on the Estoc is shown above. This attack would use three black dice and subtract 1 from the total rolled. If a player rolls a 2, a 1, and a blank on the dice, the final result is 2 damage (3 on the dice roll – 1 for the modifer).

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It should negate the -1 on card, as it adds +1, there is no different rule for checking to hit and checking to deal damage

That is done in a single calculation, there for when/if you add the titanite shard to the composite bow the card determines it as follows:
[0] 2black -1 +1 (Ø)
[3] 3black -1 +1 (Ø)

So basicly, it negates the -1 from the card :)

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Only exceptions are poison and bleeding damages, that's it ?


If we consider average chances, 3 black dices -1 does 2 damages in average. Like would do 2 black dices. But in reality, having 3 dices increase chances to make 2 hits on a single dice, like a dexterity-based character as highers chances to make "critical" hits ;)

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